Wall clock is what most of us don’t pay any attention to it at all. We usually hang the clocks wherever we’d find it comfortable to look at them on the wall without thinking about whether that location or position is correct or not. No matter if the clocks that you have are luxury clocks or not, you commonly just hang them randomly. But actually, there are rules and regulations that you need to take care of while positioning wall clocks in your space. A wrongly positioned clock brings in ill effects whereas a correctly located one attracts abundance and prosperity.

Position wall clocks on north or east walls and in the bedroom. Try to place the clock such that you can see it right from the bed when you wake up. Also, avoid hanging the clock above any door. Now take a look at these 40 unusual modern wall clock design ideas below to inspire you.

Wooden Clock

Old Clocks 24 Hours

Unique Modern Clock

Butterfly Wall Clock from artmakehome

Modern Wall Clock Design from vannadecor

Concrete Clock

White and Red Clock

Digital Wall Clocks from designisthis

Round Wall Clock

Abstract Modern Clock from homedesignlover

Upcycled Clocks from decorobject

Colorful Wall Clock  from deavita

Modern Wall Clock

Grey Wall Clock

Wall Clock Painted

Mid Century Wall Clock

Wooden Flower Clock

Wooden Clock

Black and Red Wall Clock

Blue Clock

Rose Wall Clock

Cassette Wall Clock

Abstack Clock

Vintage Wall Clock

Unusual Modern Wall Clock

Magnifier Clock from pouted

Gold Mid Century Wall Clocks

Wooden Digital Clock

Painting Wall Clock

Brown and Black Clock

Connected Hands Wall Clock from pouted

Wall Clock

Two Wall Clock from yankodesign

Decorative Wall Clock

Inova Decorative Wall Clock

Rubik Cube Clock

Koziol Wall Clock

Metal Windmill Wall Clock from happilyeverafteretc

Chicken Painting Clock

Triangle Wall Clock



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