Nothing, including an RV, can be said to last indefinitely. Because they, like everything else, have a finite lifespan. Maybe your aging RV is not up to going on one more journey. Alternatively, you try a different operation thinking the problem might be with the engine, or the structural walls are breaking away from the chassis, or it is simply time for an upgrade. 

Buying a new RV is thrilling, but transferring this old one to the RV graveyard takes time. So, how can you get rid of your old RV without causing damage to the environment? 

There are various ways to get rid of an old motorhome and get the most value for your money if you are entrepreneurial or simply highly acquainted. The ideal option for you will be determined by the cause for your old motorhome’s removal. Fortunately, there is a range of garbage RV and camper disposal choices, and we will look at four different ways to get rid of your old motorhome without affecting the environment.

1. Sell Your Motorhome To A Scrap Yard

Many recycling centers will accept RVs depending on their projected scrap metal weight. You will probably only get approximately $500 if you sell someone your car or truck. When you scrap a regular road vehicle, you will usually get a pricing quote depending on the vehicle’s weight. This indicates that a half-ton pickup truck would be worth more than a subcompact vehicle. When it comes to motorhomes, several scrap yards have realized that many of them are manufactured with materials that have no value to their business. If you are still confused, this article from the guys at Great Tiny Living will tell you just how to do this. Remember, Polycarbonate walls, ceramic toilets, and laminated countertops are just some of the extra items they will have to get rid of. If you discover a scrap yard willing to take your Motorhome, anticipate a fixed price with minimal opportunity for bargaining.

2. Give Your Motorhome To Get A Tax Break

Some technical institutions and non-profit organizations will accept almost any vehicle, even RVs and motorhomes. They may shred it, recycle it, or utilize it as an instructional piece for auto shop students. Other places will even dismantle antique vintage RVs, replace the wheels and powertrain, and turn them into accommodation properties.

3. Sell It To A Junk Dealer

Depending on where you reside, you may be able to find a junk dealer willing to accept old RVs, vehicles, and trucks. They take care of the majority of the documentation and pay you cash for the barrel top purchase, which is not a bad deal compared to what a scrap yard would offer. They then dismantle it, resell the salvageable parts, and take it to a recycling facility.

4. Take It Down And Sell The Parts

Based on the location of your motorhome, you may be able to optimize the possible profit by simply breaking it down and selling the parts. If you have a vintage motorhome or one with unusual fittings that Motorhome aficionados find difficult to come by, this can be quite beneficial. You might be able to sell your RV for a profit if everything is in good condition and you clean it up well enough. After you’ve removed everything of worth from your motorhome, you can transport it to a recycling facility and accept their smooth offer, safe in the knowledge that you’ve squeezed every last buck out of it.

Finally, getting rid of your old RV can be difficult at times. There is a lot of paperwork to deal with, and getting a good bargain can be difficult. It’s also difficult to let go of memories you’ve had with it throughout the years of touring. There are some decent solutions out there if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and do the legwork. We hope that this post has helped you figure out how to sell your old motorhome¬†


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