A fairy garden is a miniature piece of art that is very popular nowadays. There’s so many wonderful fairy gardens online, so, Before you create it on your own, check out these 5 tips that will lead you right down that tiny garden path and open the door to creativity. First of all, fairy garden is about storytelling, so choose a theme to make your decision to pick supplies and accessories that all work together easier. Choose a scale of accessories that look right in proportion to one another, so there’re no more things that may look mismatched and odd.

If you want living plants in your fairy garden, decide whether it will be indoor or outdoors and what style do you prefer. The best part of making fairy garden is when choosing accessories, so choose the one that suitable with the theme. If everything is ready, it is time to pull it all together and create your own fairy garden. So check out these 38 creative DIY fairy garden ideas to try below.

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