The role of the pendant light is not only as lighting, but also a decorative lamp that will add to the beauty of your home. The pendant light has a different design from ordinary lamps. The existence of a chandelier, makes the room feel different and has the feel of ‘special’. Pendant lamps have a variety of models and materials. In choosing a pendant light, you should not be careless. You must consider the style of the interior of the house, the model of the pendant light and also the materials used, this is to create an elegant and unique impression.

Hanging lights are often used as the main attraction of a room. Therefore this type of lamp is made with a special design so that the room looks beautiful and has extraordinary charm. Moreover, a pleasant atmosphere can also be raised through the pendant light. Hanging model made of old wood is the right recommendation to be placed in the living room. Or you can also use paper pendant light so that the room feels more relaxed.

DIY Aluminium Pendant Lamp With Small Holes.
DIY Pendant Lights From Ceramic
DIY Pendant Nautical Style.
Bamboo Pendant Lamp.
Woven bamboo pendant lamp
DIY Boho Fringe Pendant Light.
DIY Glass Tube Pendant Lamps.
DIY Copper pipe pedant lamp.
Hexagon Copper Pipe Pendant Light.
White pendant lamp with sharp surface
DIY Feather Pendant Light.
DIY Pendant Light With Unused Globe.
DIY Lace Ball Pendant Lamp.
DIY Mason Jar Pendant Lights.
DIY Paper Pendant Light.
DIY Barn Pendant Lights.
DIY Bentwood Sphere Pendant Lamp.
DIY Round Glass Pendant Lamp
DIY Chevron Fabric Lamp Shades For Pendant Lamp.
DIY Round Glass Pendant Lamp.
DIY Industrial Pendant Lamp.
DIY Rice Bowl For Pendant Lamp.
DIY Rattan Pendant Lamp.
Diy Metal Pendant Light.
DIY Old Wooden for pendant light
DIY Pendant Lamp With Unused Globe
DIY Metal Pendant Lamp
DIY Pendant Light With Abstract Shape.
DIY Spoon Plastic Pendant Lamp.
DIY Shell Craft For Pendant Light.
DIY Plywood Pendant Light.
DIY Woven Veneer Pendant Light.
Wood Veneer Pendant Light.

Hanging bedroom lights are always synonymous with chandeliers so the room looks very formal. But now it doesn’t have to be always in the form of chandeliers, bamboo pendant light hanging on your left and right your bedroom can also add to the natural and cooler atmosphere. In addition, the pendant light used is not too bright so that it can accompany your sleep at night.

In the dining room, the lights will be installed in the middle or right above the dining table. The size is better one-quarter of the size of an industrial-style dining table or you can also choose small lamps to be combined into one, for example, a round glass pendant lamp. But do not choose a chandelier that is larger than the room, because it will be annoying and the room looks full. For other spaces such as the kitchen, choose brightly colored and metal chandeliers while for the terrace, attach a unique shaped chandelier such as a spoon plastic pendant lamp or woven veneer pendant light.

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