Tote bag is kind of bag that has been really famous since long time a go but still has its own lover. It is still really proper and fashionable to be worn for this modern era because tote bag is really timeless. Basically tote bag can be worn for any ages but it is commonly loved by the teenage. It is really possible for you to create your own tote bag design for the design pictures or even the bag itself.

For the utilization, you can wear this kind of bag to any purpose as long as you don’t wear it for formal events because tote bag has casual impression that may won’t proper for your formal look. For you the teens, you can use it for school or hang out with your friends. You can also use it to go shopping and other business that need enough space to keep your stuff because tote bag allows you to have wide space inside.

Black writing in white color tote bag
Black tote bag with ruffles
Brown and white colors of hand bag with colorful pom-pom
Colorful motive fabric tote bag
Colorful knit tote bag
Triangle motive on white tote bag
Unique mitive on red tote bag
Red fabric tote bag with ruffles
White knitting tote bag
Flowers motive on black tote bag
Big white tote bag with rainbow motive
Blue and white abstract motive fabric tote bag
Crrative tote bag from unused blue denim skirt
Blue fabric tote bag with colorful gemstones decoration
Combination of cotton and linen fabric tote bag
Brown fabric tote bag with map motive
Colorful tote bag from rattan
Colorful pattern fabric tote bag ideas
Colorful striped fabric tote bag
Colorful rattan tote bag
Colorful tote bag with different motive
Black plain fabric tote bag
Green bag tote
Pink and brown plain tote bag
Simple gray fabric tote bag with tassel
Simple white fabric tote bag
Square green flannelette tote bag
Striped tote bag
White tote bag with unique motive
Combination of leather and fabric material tote bag
Tropical motive on green tote bag

After you look at the pictures, you can see that tote bags are made of some different materials that is not only from fabric. Basically the DIY tote bag has casual impression, but you can also make it look chic by giving certain design that can bring the bag into chic look. Sew your bag with ornaments or paint it, just do whatever you think it is beautiful for you.

Moreover, DIY tote bag can also be done by making your own bag by using your unused fabric or clothes. It is amazing how you can sew it yourself and not only limited with the ornament. Go prepare your DIY project for your own tote bag. Express yourself freely and be proud with your own design and creativity.

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