In decorating a house, lighting is one of the important aspects. As lighting, in this case is lamps, give lively impression for your rooms. Its function is both functional and aesthetic. For aesthetic value, there are many ideas of a good yet unique lighting that you can buy or even you can save your money by making a stunning lighting concept by yourself.

Without ignoring the functional value of the lighting, the idea of having bright, beautiful, and well designed lighting can beautify your home decoration. Sometimes, lighting creates dramatic and romantic impression for a room. Bright and dim lamps are both concept to make a perfect lighting.


basket chandelier
candle holder for decorative lighting
chandelier from a piece of beam
chandelier shaped snail
chandelier with butterfly themes
chandelier with fabric to adjust lighting
chandelier with skateboard theme
chandeliers from jar
creative chandelier from wooden
creative chandelier with paper
creative chandelier with rope
decorative lighting with twigs
hanging lamps from woven bamboo
industrial chandelier
industrial pipe chandelier
iron chandelier
iron round chandelier
moon shaped chandelier
pendant lamp from a bottle
pendant lamp from wooden beam
rattan chandelier
remodle chandelier from cup
simple chandelier with a beer bottle
simple chandelier with bowl
simple chandelier with grated cheese
simple chandelier with ropes
tree branch
unique chandelier from root
unique chandelier with spoon
unique iron chandelier
unique jar chandelier hung by a rope
wooden tiered chandelier

To create some unique lighting for your home decoration, a woven basket chandelier made of bamboo or rattan can be your first option. This woven basket chandelier has various shape, like round, square, cylinder, and so on. These unique shapes make those who see it get amazed. Like rattan and bamboo, wooden chandelier is also interesting. Get some unique shapes as well since wood is easy shaped. If you want to create your own lighting by recycling some used Mason jar bottles, you can have them as chandeliers. Put a candle inside with some gravels, then hang the bottles with chain. You can have some to decorate your porch or patio.

Another idea of recycled chandelier comes from the things that you have never imagined before. Like a chandelier from spoons, a tea pot, ropes, grated cheese, bowl and so on. These amazing material can make unique chandeliers that beautify your decoration. Such an artistic lighting concept, you can have these unique chandeliers to complete and make a perfect rustic home decoration. You can install some different lamp colors for each chandelier to give fancy touch for your rooms. More unique the material is, more stunning your chandeliers will be. Check out some ideas of unique lighting concept here and don’t forget to try it!


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