Dog is one of the animals that we can make as best friends or pets. And is one of the favorites among animal lovers. However, this winter we have to make dogs feel warm. Moreover, with a warm place to live, the dog will be comfortable and can breed well. So you need to buy a dog kennel. But besides buying it, you can also make it yourself.

When you make a cage for the beloved dog, you must have a place to shelter from the influence of the weather. Therefore, you have to make the cage safe from the hot sun and also when it rains. Moreover, the dog cage must be well ventilated. So the air circulation becomes healthy. Also, It is not complete if there is no place to play. Then your dog can play freely. Indeed a healthy cage is a cage that has a good landfill.

Beautiful dog house with wooden
Curved wall dog house
Diy dog house plan with red walls
Diy dog house with a big window
Diy dog house with porch plan
Diy dog house with porch
Diy dog house with sloping porch
Diy dog house with wooden
Diy dog treehouse
Diy house dog house with wooden
Diy house puppy camper
Diy luxury dog house with black walls
Diy pallet dog house
Diy under the stairs dog house
Diy wooden dog house
Dog house gazebo with pallet
Dog house with blue walls
Dog house with plants
Dog house with white walls
Log cabin dog house
Modern dog house
Pagoda-style dog house
Small diy dog house with blue walls
Small diy dog house
Wooden diy dog house
Wooden dog house with rooftop deck
Wooden dog house with tire

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Comfy dog house with stone
Modern dog house with plants on beside it
Wooden diy dog house with string lamps

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Dog house design models usually have two types. Then the first type is a cage that we put in the inside of the house and the second is a cage that we put in our yard. In addition, each type of cage is made for different types of dogs. And this is done to provide comfort and safety for residents of the house and also the dog itself. Moreover, model materials for dog cage designs are usually made with wood or iron material

Providing shelter for your dog is a must. Also, this will make him happy and healthy. Although your dog likes to play outside and enjoy all the wonderful scents. And this will make your home fur-free. But you still need some kind of dog house that he can use. Because winter will last long and having a dog house will reduce the risk of experiencing hypothermia and frostbite.

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