Small living accommodation doesn’t always mean an incommodious space without giving any opportunity to decorate or even personalize it. Look for modern apartment decor inspirations to give more airiness and roomier look to your little urban space. Check out the following tips and tricks to create a larger and brighter modern home living.


All White

White walls always look modern and create a bigger illusion, so combine them with neutral colours of wood or tan leather. White sheer window curtains let the light in for a brighter effect. Meanwhile, white shade pendant is just perfect for preventing cluttered appearance, especially for low-ceiling space. In addition, white linens in the bedroom or bathroom offer not only ultra-modern but also luxurious sense.

You can apply neutral white in your small apartment decor if you want a broader feel in your room. Combine with a thin white curtain and a touch of wood to make your room feel comfortable and warm.

Apply white in a small apartment for a roomy appearance. You can add thin white curtains and wooden floors to make your room look more elegant.

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Make your apartment look wide and bright by applying white paint to the walls and ceiling. To freshen up the atmosphere, you can add white linen for an ultra-modern but luxurious feel.

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Don’t hesitate that white paint will make your room look wide and bright. Apply this color to the bedroom of your small apartment and it can change the appearance of your apartment. To balance the look you can use wood floors and white linen to make the atmosphere feel warmer.

You can try painting the walls and use thin curtains in white to create a spacious look in your small apartment. To create a contrasting appearance, add wooden floors to make it more elegant.

Decorating an all-white color for the small apartment will give a spacious and soothing look. You can apply this color to the sofa, table, curtain, and rug.

To give your small apartment has an attractive impression, applying white shades to the walls and bed sheet is a good idea. It can make your bedroom looks bright and wide at the same time.

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Smart Furniture Arrangement

Badly place your furniture means more clutters. Put them strategically by knowing the layout plan, the main purpose of the piece, and also the mobilization traffic. It would be better to face all the seating furniture towards a window to prevent claustrophobic experience due to looking at a blank wall.

To create a bright and spacious feel in a small apartment, applying furniture strategically is a perfect choice. Applying an L-shaped sofa near the window will create the perfect look for decoration.

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You can apply the sofa facing the TV separately to make the center of activities so as not to disturb mobility in the apartment. Place it near the window to get a bright and spacious look.

Having the right placement of furniture for the small apartment is a must. You have to arrange according to the purpose. For example, if your center of activity in the living room, you can arrange the sofa faces the TV. It would be bright and perfect if you place near the window.

The choice of a single sofa facing the TV will bring the center of activity while in your small apartment. Placing near the window will create a different atmosphere in the mix with a neutral feel.

The center of family activity appeared in the lounge in the small apartment. A minimalist single sofa facing the TV will make a different look and will not disturb the mobilization traffic in your room.

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 Modern Look Furniture

Glass element creates a more spacious effect and gives an immediate modern vibe. Glass doors, glass shelf doors, and glass table are some furniture to complete your modern apartment decor. Open shelving is also helpful for some spaces. Furniture pieces in metallic or lacquered finishes are some other options.

Use modern furniture in the form of glass doors to create a broader effect and provide an immediate modern vibe.

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Applying room dividers from a glass divider you can try to decorate a small apartment. This method will create a direct modern vibration.

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Applying a glass dining table will create a focal point in the dining room of your small apartment. Add a classic chandelier to get an attractive appearance.

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Apartment space will look more stylish if you add a barrier with glass material to get a modern look. Combine a sleek table and modern sofa to strengthen the modern vibe.

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Modern furniture in the form of a glass dining table will be the focal point in the dining room of your apartment. Completed with simple modern dining chairs to look perfect.

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Smart Storage

You can go vertical or opt for concealed storage ideas. Wall-mounted shelving is the most common example of saving your already-petite space. Pull-out wall storage is a modernly brilliant idea to tuck away your stuff. Besides, multi-purpose furniture is also highly preferable to make your space clutter-less.

This murphy bed is very useful for making your apartment look simple and practical. You can easily raise the bed to get storage and it will save your space.

Applying a multifunction bed will save space in your apartment. A brilliant idea came at this furniture. If you raise the bed it will create a practical work table.

This multipurpose mattress can make a different appearance in the decoration of your small apartment. A bed with multiple storages makes it easy for you to store your things easily.

Applying a mattress complete with storage underneath will create a focal point in the bedroom of your small apartment. Add another function with a drawer to store some of your belongings and avoid clutter.

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The apartment kitchen will look more stylish if you apply some drawers and pull out storage cabinet. You can put your food supplies, herbs, and kitchenware on there and get a neat decor.

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Small apartment kitchen storage by using storage that can be pulled. You can use this storage to put the kitchen utensils and get hidden storage ideas.

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A mirror can magically reflect the light that eventually creates a bigger and brighter space. Choose the place correctly to get a pleasing visual reflection. For the modern look, pick brass or metallic framed mirrors.

You can apply a brass-framed mirror in the living room of your small apartment to create a bigger and brighter space. Especially if you combine it with white paint, they will work well to make your apartment look luxurious.

A mirror can make your small apartment look spacious and bright. Place it on the table to get a pleasing visual reflection. For the modern look, you can use a metallic mirror frame.

Decorating a small apartment bedroom by applying some square mirrors above the headboard will make the room look more spacious and bright. This is one of the tricks to make your small apartment feel more comfortable. And the metallic frame can make your bedroom looks more modern.

Place a mirror in front of your bed that also functions to make the room bigger and brighter. It will create pleasant visuals and also can enhance your home decor.

Use mirrors for the small apartment decoration are very important. It can bring a bright, wide illusion and also can make your home looks more modern.

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Sticking to similar monochromatic modern apartment decor palettes or other airy colors also results in the feeling of openness, thus commodious to your little space.

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