If you have a toddler then you as their parents need to provide some attractive activities to them. Here, you don’t need to take them outside because you can still provide indoor activities which really functional for their brain growth too. In this case, you don’t need to expense a lot of money to spoil them with expensive toys just simply make the fun DIY toys with them.

If you have a waste cardboard, don’t put it into rubbish plastic immediately because this cardboard can be something useful to replace those expensive toys. Yes, you can create their favorite stay-at-home time by making some toys based on their imagination. Like making a cardboard robot or kitchen appliances like an oven or stove by using cardboard. They are gonna love it and very happy to be able to play it.

Try making something different in the house. By utilizing used cardboard. You can make it into a food heating toy, which can make you happy.

Use used cardboard that is not used. With the used cardboard you can make a toy house with nice decorations. That way your daughter feels at home.

Many activities can be done inside the house, like this one. By using brown cardboard and accented with white lines. Become a good craft of livestock house.

Cardboard is an easy material to find. But the thing you have to do is make it an interesting craft. By cutting it into pieces and forming it into a beautiful home.

In some cases, maybe this is the one that you can choose. By making cardboard toys that are made into a stove for your daughter’s cooking utensils.

Making an artificial craft that might be one of your choices. With material from cardboard, you can make it into a small bed and inside there is a cute monkey doll.

Try to take a different form, as this form of television. Which is made using cardboard material. Make this toy look interesting.

This toy house is made of cardboard. That way does not require expensive costs. Because it is easy to find and easy to shape.

Crafts are not easy to do but different from this one. You just need to look for cardboard boxes and other things to make it a cool level parking park.

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This one is very different, with cardboard material formed in triangles. And make it storied, then you can add colorful paint to make it look more beautiful.

With a simple design, you can make guitar musical instruments from cardboard material. By using rubber as a string. Make it more similar to the guitar.

The coffer has cardboard material that is grayed out. And given a gold line motif that looks luxurious. It makes you happy when you see it.

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The craft has a simple design. But it is unique because this small car wash has cardboard material that is easy to find.

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This simple design is made of cardboard material. It is shaped like a tool but looks good because it is made from used materials that are not used.

If you get bored while at home, you can make a maze in a house made of used cardboard. With this decoration, you don’t need much money.

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If you are bored using ordinary craft decorations, you can use simple cardboard materials. But it gives a nice decoration.

Simple toys that are easy to make, like this one. Only by using cardboard and cardboard boxes that are rounded like a downward path to look attractive.

If you use ingredients that are hard to find to make crafts. You can replace it with cardboard material so that you can make a simple copy.

This little dog house has simple decorations. With cardboard material that is easy to find, you will be greatly helped and feel satisfied with the results.

A simple toy train made of cardboard. But this toy is no less good than the toy you buy. Because it has a uniqueness that is not owned by the goods purchased.

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Use used cardboard materials in your home. That way the boxes will not pile up and you can make amendments for your child. Like this cookware toy that can make your child enjoy playing at home.

This laptop looks very attractive because it has simple cardboard material. But this craft looks like the original and makes people who see it fooled.

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In addition to toys that can be made out there, you can mimic the design of this toy. By using materials and shapes such as home telephones, your children can play with fun.

This design is indeed very cool and looks very unique. Because it makes a giant robot from a box and made it inside the house so you don’t get bored.

This artificial castle has a cool design. With simple cardboard material, and has a nice home decoration. Because this decoration is easy to make.


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Basically, the toddler doesn’t understand the concept of cheap and expensive. They only attract the size, the pattern, colors and how it resembles their favorite icon on tv. Like for baby girls, you can make a big size of cardboard house complete with furniture and people inside. They don’t care about how cheap that cardboard house. They only care about playing time all the time. Another example, you can spoil them with the labyrinth which is made of cardboard. This is gonna be unforgetful time with your children.

Furthermore, it could be your favorite time with your children, having a creative time with your babies. Don’t forget to use colorful and safe paints. Colorful toys can create their imagination. So, those pictures above are some examples of toys made by cardboard. You can start making toys that your children very love them. Those pics above are ideas that you can use and can create one or two. So, your self-isolation time can be more attractive.

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