Why should we buy an expensive things to decorate your home when you can make it on your own? That is why today, we’ve gather you these 25 creative ideas that you can do using these natural, organic materials; twigs, sticks and branches. What are you waiting for? Let’s bring those natural materials inside the home to create a nature-inspired atmosphere within your living space.

You can create a beautiful rustic light fixture yourself with a few natural materials and a little patience

This twig wreath is perfect for any season since you can easily add and remove decorative ribbon or embellishments for all of the upcoming holidays

This stunning heart made of sticks is perfect to put on display to symbolize your family’s love for one another

If you have old potting plants, re-purpose them by adding natural elements such as sticks and twigs to the outside of the pot for a fresh new look

Create a beautiful wooden ladder to display right in your own garden

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You can also make the birds happy by making these DIY bird house

To make a natural looking raised garden you only need a small branches, a few thicker logs and some straight timber sections

Make this wattle fencing using variety of twigs, reeds and branches

Make this gorgeous train climbers up a lattice for you garden

For a more big project, try to make this garden seating

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You can build the pergola completely out of sticks or build it from leftover wood from other projects and just fill in the sides and roof with twigs

Whether you decide to hang this in the nursery or outside where the real birds can admire it, this upcycled twig bird mobile is the perfect project for those sticks in your yard

Those sticks and twigs can be turned into this globe shaped plant support for your flower or vegetable gardens

This pendant lamp is made from twigs that are woven together and it’s absolutely gorgeous

If you really don’t have time for a project but you really want to incorporate those twigs into your indoor or outdoor decor, frame them

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Who would believe that such an outstanding twig wreath could be homemade

This DIY twig chandelier will the the cute idea to decorate your space

This unique twig encircled mirror project is an example of the shabby chic look that is so popular nowadays

This has got to be one of the least expensive wreaths that you can make, but also one that really packs some pizzazz

Find some sturdy branch twigs to make the hooks for this coat rack

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This DIY branch table is a proof when a good DIY and great design come together in one project

Take a few twig and turn it into a twig lampshade

It’s kind of a genius way to make a twig table

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These cut branch coasters is a great project for you who lack of handy wood working skill but artistic enough

Make this painted clothing hanger out of a thick branch so all the clothes that don’t fit in your closet

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