The lighting factor is often ignored in a home architecture design. Even if the lighting is regulated and bolted creatively, it can actually give a more beautiful and warm impression to the home. Creative lighting does not only look at a light bulb as a source of lighting. More than that, lighting can be an architectural design that makes the interior of your home look luxurious and cool, even though your house follows the concept with a simple style. The awesome thing is that you can make your own proper DIY lighting for your home decoration as follows.

DIY Lamps

The lamp is a man-made light to illuminate from the darkness of the night. At first, we used lights only as a source of nighttime lighting. But along with the times, lamps have been employed by creative people and used as a means of decoration and creative artistic creativity. An example is you can make a lamp that you collaborate with a bottle. We can make this simple yet luxurious work with very simple steps. The first step is to simply drill a bottle cap. Then insert the lamp into the bottle and use the hole you have made to connect the cable to the switch.

Another way to make a DIY lighting project from twigs is like this picture. Choose small twigs put together to make a beautiful shape. After that, attach the small LED lights to the ends of the twigs.

If you are looking for the perfect lighting for your room, this might be the most appropriate. Just gather a few candle holders and cut the bottom and attach them around the ordinary chandelier.

If you have a large dining room, perhaps making DIY lamps from this branch can be your choice. You need to collect as many twigs, branches, and barks as you want, clean them and screw them together into the desired shape.

If you have a lot of books, choose one that you don’t use. Then attach the lamp at the bottom of the book and open the book by interrupting to make the light emit its beauty.

If you have an unused globe, maybe you can make a DIY lighting project out of it. Cut it in half and pair the lights between the pieces of the globe to aim to focus the light at one point.

If you have the skills to make origami from paper, maybe you can make this DIY lighting project. Fold the paper fold so that it forms like a small house, make quite a lot to make it enough to make a chandelier like this picture.

Make a DIY lighting project using a large plywood board, ropes, and of course, a jar. This stone jar must be filled with electric tea light so that it gives a soft sparkle making the atmosphere much more pleasant.

Making lampshades from stainless steel equipment is an easy way to make, and can be made only by modifying caddies. All you need to do is install a cable to fix the light bulb and suspend it from the ceiling.

This is an easy way to make and can be a great DIY project. All you need is a few stone jars, chandelier fixtures and the right place to hang the lights.

This is an easy-to-make DIY lighting project. Apart from that, the materials needed are also quite easy to get, you just prepare a balloon, yarn, hemp string or wool and craft glue to make it.

This is the type of chandelier from the jar that you need to try. Choose several stone jars, preferably in a number of glass colors, make a hole in the top to attach the rope, and attach it to a circular frame using a rope, regularly.

This time, making a DIY lighting project must cost a lot. You simply prepare a patterned plastic cup combined with a rope lamp that can make your room look attractive.

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DIY Candles

Plain candles are common. Now is the time for you to make a new breakthrough that will enhance the appearance of your room decor. Its existence is able to add a more colorful atmosphere to the house depending on the shape of the decorative candle. If you already have a normal shaped candle but want to make it more beautiful, you can outsmart it using coffee decorations. You can also decorate candles by wrapping cinnamon to the body of the candle.

Melt the candles with different colors, after that the pile of candles in a glass jar so as to make a colorful appearance. make one or two candles like this to beautify your room.

This candle uses real apples to make it. melt the red candle, then add the melted wax to the top of the apple. this DIY candle decoration can be used to perfect your centerpieces.

This time the DIY candle decoration uses berries, small twigs, and leaves to make it. put these various materials together to get a different look.

You can make candles in whatever shape you want, this time we make shapes like cakes that you need to try too. choose beautiful colors to beautify it.

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A very simple candle decoration by simply combining green leaves tied with string or ribbon. choose a candle that is rather large to make it.

DIY beach-themed candle project, by combining several small sea-shells in this yellow candle can make your room look more beautiful.

Make a pattern on this rather large candle, then color the pattern with sparkling gold color. you can also choose your own favorite color to get perfect beauty.

Prepare cinnamon to wrap this candle. cut cinnamon according to the size of the existing candle and tie it to the candle to make a beautiful candle decoration.

The decoration of a farmhouse candle is quite interesting to make. In the meantime, you can simply prepare a burlap cloth to wrap it up and add heart ornaments to add a romantic feel.

This is indeed a very simple candle decoration. only by preparing a large candle that is decorated with ties and stars makes this candle looks different.

Using coffee beans to make DIY candle projects is an interesting thing for you to try. stick the coffee beans at the bottom of the candle.

You can decorate candles with golden thumbtacks attached to this candle. This golden-colored thumbtack makes the candle look elegant.

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What is the point of creating good space if there is not enough light to be able to enjoy its beauty? Besides lighting decoration is also important to create a pleasant atmosphere in a room. That’s why we have to make DIY lightning by utilizing the objects that are around us. In addition to saving budget and being environmentally friendly, the process of making lighting decorations is also very fun.

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