The right solution in designing a minimalist-sized apartment is to save space. This space-saving idea can be done in spaces that are important and you use it frequently. The examples are kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms. Designing and arranging a small-sized apartment will make your apartment stay homey and still has a function as a place to live.

Functional Bed

How to arrange a bedroom in a minimalist apartment must be done carefully. With limited room area, how to arrange a bedroom as much as possible does not make the room feel cramped. The arrangement of the apartment bedroom should be adjusted to the character of the occupants and the shape of the room. One small room that is made rather protruding into the room is clearly a bedroom. To be more private, apartment owners can add a sliding door.

A luxury functional bed with a small attic space opens its specific shapes and lines in a luminous interior atmosphere and pure style. A very attractive second-rate solution, yet elegant and classy.
Amazing functional bed with a suspended bed above an active work area with a tragedy look that you need to try, for solutions limited space options, giving the apartment a unique atmosphere.
Arrogant functional bed with the bed behind the high sliding door, thanks to the smooth concrete, uses its distinctive colors in red, yellow and black, for your small apartment.
Awesome functional bed with a bed in the kitchen that uses dark gray and black will not make the small space appear smaller, but instead, it will give a dynamic and beautiful touch.
Charming functional bed with a tall bed that provides the space needed under the stairs to make a cupboard and provide storage. Sliding panels with privacy to the bedroom and full cupboards on the side complete the smart little apartment.
An interesting functional bed with colorful bed boxes, privacy, space, and static borders are mobile, comfortable and fun solutions for small apartments with an amazing contemporary design.
Satisfying functional bed with the bed is not only used one day, so it is a fairly clever solution of stairs that leads to a bed niche to be moved and if necessary frees up space to activate daily w

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Functional Storage

You can put accessories, books, and displays in the living room by making shelves placed on the wall. You can buy a small wooden shelf or cupboard. These objects can be used not only for storing books but also for storing shoes. To make more room for other objects, hang your TV on the wall and then place the table underneath to store films and books. This will maximize space and function.

Affordable DIY Decoration Ideas for Your Small Apartment with storage of wood for dividing the room can be a comfortable and enjoyable life experience.
Amazing DIY Decoration Ideas for Your Small Apartment with metallic space-savvy storage for keeping books that create an efficient environment is all about a smart blend of aesthetics and ergonomics.
Awesome DIY Decoration Ideas for Your Small Apartment with stacking storage, separate seating, love chairs or apartment-sized sofas, and laundry mats.
Adorable DIY Decoration Ideas for Your Small Apartment with Install wall shelves wherever possible. Not only will it increase your storage, but it will draw the eye up and make the room feel bigger.
Perfect functional Storage with additional storage, you can use the hooks for scarves, purses, jewelry, and hats. And with a couple of hooks, you could even hang baskets on the rods to store even more accessories.
Satisfying functional Storage with wooden crates make special bookshelves for building shoe storage units, you can stack crates and arrange them however you want, based on how you plan to use them.
Simple functional Storage with a wooden bench has a wall unit with space for storing jackets, hats, scarves, bags and all sorts of other accessories.

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To decorate an apartment, various types of ornaments are needed. The function is to make the apartment you live in look more beautiful and unique. You can place colorful wicks on the walls so they don’t appear empty for your small apartment space. As decoration and sweetener of the room, you can display a small collection of ornaments so that the atmosphere becomes more natural, beautiful and artistic. Put large mac paper wall hangings to add to the splendor of your small apartment.

Arrogant ornaments for apartments with colorful wicks on the walls so they don’t appear empty for your small apartment space.
Charming ornament for an apartment with a Bella macrame wall to get beauty in your space and walls.
Luxury ornaments for an apartment with large mac paper wall hangings to add to the splendor of your small apartment.
Attractive ornamentation for an apartment with twisted rattan plus shabby pink and white flowers that chic your walls, and small gray walls.

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Amazing ornament for an apartment with dream catcher from the wick of a colorful stove to add to the tranquility and dreams that will come in a small apartment.
Awesome ornament for an apartment with bamboo dream catchers pinned to the wall for your luxurious little apartment space.
Satisfying ornament for an apartment with a star in the corner is made of black painted wood, modern lamps on the wall, the last L gray sofa, a wooden table, and house plants.

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