Pom-poms are handicrafts that are round, feathered and of various colors and sizes. You can make poms from wool, cloth, and paper. The good thing about it is that you can use the pom-pom to create interesting DIY craft. Besides that, in the manufacturing process of pom-poms, we can use almost all solid objects which have a relatively small size. Examples are pencils, glasses, pipes, drinking water containers, or whatever it is. As long as it is solid we can use it as a tool in making poms.


This Pompom is round and smooth which is made of wool-like material. Pompom toys also consist of bright colors and funny and interesting shapes so that the child will be more enthusiastic about playing it. You can make it into various forms. Pom-poms have a soft texture and are definitely fun for you to play with your child. In addition, pom-pom toys have low prices and are easy for you to make.

Making toys from pom-poms does look funny, especially you shape it like an animal, surely you like it.

Choose a different pompom color and add eyes and wings to make this interesting bat toy. Give a rather long rope to be able to hang it.

This ghost-shaped toy is made of white poms after that add eyes and mouth to make it more similar.

You can make toys from pom poms. Choose pom poms that are rather large, give eyes, mouth, and legs to make it funnier.

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Add beads to make feet in toy birds made from these poms. After that choose colors that are striking to make a beautiful appearance.

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Make toys in the form of fruits such as pineapple and strawberry. This toy is easy to make and also inexpensive.

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You can make these cute animals just by using pom-poms, make it resemble the animal you want to make fun toys for your child.

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Decorating the walls using the Pom-pom technique is very unique and looks different from the other decorations. The choice of solid and varied colors is very important in this decoration. Pom-poms can be hung vertically with woolen ropes of different colors from the colors of poms. Make as much as possible to enhance your home wall decor. Make poms in different colors to add to the aesthetics of your home.

Create a garland using a pom-pom that is hung from a branch. You can put this ornament on the wall of your home.

Decorate your window with ornaments made of these little poms. hang it near the window to enhance your home window.

If your name begins with the letter A, then you would love this beautiful ornament.

Prepare a container for making flower ornaments made from these poms. Choose the colors of the colorful pom-poms to get the perfect look.

This time, the ornaments were in the form of bread made from various color poms to get an attractive appearance. Choose patterned bread containers to make them more beautiful.

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The walls of the house can also be enhanced with this pom-pom ornament. By making tree wall art from pom-poms complete with frames will make your walls look amazing.

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Pom-poms are very interesting to be used as key chains. In addition to being simple and unique, key chains from poms are also light and cheap. Make a medium-sized pom-pom and associate it with a keychain. Pom-pom earrings can you make as a women’s accessories today. Make sure the earrings are made of pom-poms that match the outfit you wear to be fashionable and fashionable. Also, add pom-pom decoration on your necklace to make it look unique

A cute earring using this black pom-pom. Using a chain to combine three poms can make these chain earrings look beautiful.

Earrings that look elegant by combining gold-colored chains, you can choose the pom poms that you think you like best to get a look that attracts everyone’s attention.

Earrings this time using a pom-pom equipped with a tassel at the bottom. This time use the purple pom-poms to make a different impression.

Make this beautiful shaped necklace with dark-colored poms. Then combine with a small chain to make this necklace feel comfortable.

This minimalist necklace uses a thin rope and a pump is added in the middle to make it more confident to wear it.

This necklace uses leather to get an elegant look. In addition, you can also add pom poms to make it more charming.

You can make bracelets from these colorful poms. after that, combine it with beads to make it more fun.

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Pom-pom is a ball-like sphere made of wool yarn and cloth. You can use these poms as home decoration applications, toys, accessories, and many other uses. The bigger the circle you make, the bigger your pom-poms will be. Try using yarn that you are colored to make your pompom even more colorful. Some toy ideas for using pompoms include making snowmen, or chickens from one or two yellow pompoms.

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