Chalkboard and chalk can not be separated. These two objects have a mutual-relationship to each other. Two objects that are considered ancient, nowadays we rarely see this stuff in our daily life. Especially at school. The use of markers and whiteboards seems to be more effective and efficient than using chalk and chalkboard. So that’s why at this time it’s very rare for us to meet chalk and chalkboard in schools.

However, even though it is now rarely used at school. Chalk and chalkboard still exist. Many people use these two objects in more creative ways so that the use of chalk and chalkboard is not extinct. Most people use the chalkboard as a piece of equipment to beautify something while still having its own functional value. As an example is the use of a menu board in a restaurant, some restaurant or bar uses a chalkboard to make it look aesthetic and attractive.

Kitchen Decoration

Best creative chalkboard idea for kitchen with the menu list in the kitchen you must try.
A creative chalkboard idea for kitchen with writing ingredients and steps to cook on the wall.
A creative chalkboard idea for kitchen with some menu list and a quote are applied to the mini bar to make an interesting look.
An inspired chalkboard idea on the behind cabinet doors with measuring spoons you can try for your kitchen decoration.
An inspired creative chalkboard idea that also can be a unique design for backsplash for your kitchen decoration.
A modern kitchen decor with chalkboard on white cabinet to write what you need in the kitchen.
A rustic kitchen wall decoration with large chalkboard to write what you need or some menu in the kitchen you must try.

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Bedroom Decoration

A unique bedroom walls with chalkboard paint on the wall to express how you feel.
A cozy bedroom decor with black chalkboard walls that filled with some wall decoration and simple picture to beautify your room.
An awesome contrast color of white bedroom with large black chalkboard on the wall for the storytelling event.
A smart bedroom design with chalkboard on the wall as a headboard that can be used for studying at the same time.
A creative small chalkboard that contains of some messages you can apply in your bedroom.
A creative headboard in the bedroom using long black chalkboard to create an art impression in your bedroom.
A minimalist bedroom teenage design with a black chalkboard wall to beautify your room decoration.

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Living Room Decoration

A contemporary living room design with artwork that be done on the chalkboard on the wall to create beautiful look.
A creative chalkboard on the wall of living room with the theme of flowers to beautify the room.
A creative chalkboard wall for living room with a nice picture to beautify of your room you can try.
A creative chalkboard walls in the living room with landscape picture for the perfect living room decor.
A large industrial living room with small chalkboard on the wall to complete the design of your room.
A modern living room design with creative chalkboard wall to explore the creativity of your kids.
A modern living room with brown leather sofa, sofa cushions, and large chalkboard on the wall that you can draw by yourself to complete your living room design.

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The advantage of this is that one does not need to waste time printing something and is more eco-friendly. In addition, if you want to change the drawing or writing, it can be changed immediately. One of the ideas that we will discuss today is as a kitchen decoration. You can copy the restaurant above, you can apply to your kitchen. Or if you want something more unique, you can add a wider chalkboard so you can freely write what you want.

Moreover, the chalkboard can also be used to decorate the living room and bedroom. You can provide at least one special wall to draw something. This decoration touch gives a unique impression to a room. You can add a few paintings to make it look contrasty and creative. Chalkboard on the wall as a headboard can also be used for studying at the same time. For other inspiration, check the post above.

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