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DIY Outdoor Storage Ideas To Store Anything Outside But Still Keep At Reach

Spending more hours outside will be much fun with your family. Ask the kids to play a car ride a bicycle might be a great idea. Even, cooking outside looks so interesting. However, you have to keep your treasure outside to ease you use it again tomorrow. Have you had outdoor storage for it? In this article, we recommend you easy projects of DIY outdoor storage that can be done even by a DIY newbie. Check out!

Cool DIY Bike Storage

Cool diy bike storage


Do you love riding? Which toys do you like for it? There are scooters, trikes, bikes, and more that you can choose to ride every day. However, you need a certain space to keep them in one place. Just make this cool bike storage then.

BBQ Outdoor Storage

If you love to have a BBQ party, a storage space to save your tools should be there.  It such a great thing to save plates, glass, and other fragile items in this rolling outdoor island. So, whenever you want to hold a BBQ party, you don’t have to move anything.

Outdoor Coffee Table

Having an outdoor seating area is such a blessing. You can see a great view of your own garden while taking a small discussion with your kids. Adding a coffee table that made of a wooden crate looks great. It gives your personal touch.

Outdoor Wooden Storage

Spending time outside in winter will not be a nightmare anymore as long as you have a fireplace. Then, you need outdoor wood storage shed to keep the firewood. Build it by yourself will keep your balance. See the picture that shows simple firewood storage.

Toys Storage DIY

Playing outside looks so fun. The kids will happy to do it with their cars, motorcycles, and more. However, you need a certain area to save the toys as well. Create simple toy storage with a light wooden board. Then, cut fabrics and use them as the curtain.

Bench With Storage Unit

Collect high-quality woods to build this amazing bench.  Since this bench will be put outside, you need to find materials that are more durable. The storage unit underneath is a plus but gives more than you need to keep the treasure.

Drawers In Wheels

You don’t have to build the drawers. Just add the wheels on the bottom of the drawers. So, you will easily move this storage item anywhere. Repaint it if you wish a fresh look.


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