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DIY Spa-Like Bathroom Mat Ideas That Made Of Nature Materials

If you are the one who is not exactly a big fan of keeping a soggy piece of fabric on the bathroom floor, the ideas below are exactly your way. The ideas are rounded up here in DIY Spa-Like Bathroom Mat Ideas That Made Of Nature Materials.

Mossy Green Bath Mats

Mossy green bath mat here shows you a nature-inspired idea that made out of real moss. Its role a spa-like bath mat and also as an idea of bringing your plants inside. Prepare a moss bathroom mat that made from waterproof foam, a total of 70 pieces of moss and measuring 2,4 inches each are implanted. Thus, as you step out of the shower then the moss gets watered which is essential for keeping it fresh and alive. One thing for sure, when you walking on moss with your bare feet, you will feel even more enjoyable than walking on grass. Besides, the bathroom mat will definitely keep your bathroom floor dry.

Felt Pebble Bath Mats

If you love to have a pebble look but in a softer texture of fabric over the cold and hard feel of the pebbles, this felt pebble bath mat is love to go.

Pebble Bath Mats

This is one of the great DIY projects for you to go to beautify your bathroom. It has flat smooth pebbles that will give a comfortable touch ever.

Bamboo Bath Mats

A bamboo bath mat is also one of the great ideas to have a very ‘zen’ feel in your bathroom. This elegant oval bamboo mat featured a spa-like bathroom mat that will be unforgotten.

Teak Wood Bath Mats

Did you ever head the name ‘teak wood’? Actually, teak wood is one of the best types of wood that can be perfect for bath mats. The features below are similar in styles with dark, medium, and also light tones.

Cedar Wood Bath Mats

If you prefer to have more modern spa décor, you will probably love to have this cedarwood bath mat. It is a wonder but it does wonders for this white bathroom. The materials you need to create this bath mats are cedar board, circular saw, table saw, measuring tape, pencil, sandpaper, wood glue, nail gun, teak oil, paintbrush, and a rag.

Wine Cork Bath Mats

This is an equally eco-friendly version that is also lovely. The supplies and tools you need to create this bath mats are 175 wine corks, hot glue sticks, non-adhesive shelf liner, pocket knife, cutting board, rotary cutter, mat, long ruler, hot glue gun, and coarse sandpaper.




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