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DIY Festive Christmas Ornaments To Give You A Stunning Look In Every Home Corner

This Christmas will be very funny when we can decorate any corner of our house with some cute ornaments that you can create with your family at home. From wood bead snowflakes to any other pretty ornaments will work so perfect this time. All ideas are collected on DIY Festive Christmas Ornaments To Give You A Stunning Look In Every Home Corner.

Jingle Bells Ornaments

These ornaments are cute and pretty. Then, the supplies you need to create this ornament are pipe cleans, a few bells, a hot glue gun, and ribbon. One thing for sure, the steps to create this is so quick and easy.

Ice Skate Ornaments

These felt ice skate ornaments are perfectly gorgeous either for your tree decoration or garland. Its need felt sheets in a variety of colors, jumbo paper clips, buttons, scrap fabric, ribbon, raffia, faux fur fabric, hot glue gun, printable pattern, and cardstock to print your pattern on.

Wood Bead Snowflake Ornaments

If you are not in love with glass or paper snowflakes, you are suggested to create a wood bead snowflake. This craft needs 24 gauge jewelry wire, 12 mm natural wood beads, ribbon or string for loop, wire cutters, and round nose pliers. Although it needs more effort the result is captivating.

Rudolph Ornaments

This Rudolph ornament is also cute to be part of your Christmas decoration. The materials you need to create this ornament are round ornaments, red pom-poms, craft foam, a hot glue gun, and scissors.

Pinecone Owls

These pinecone owls are unique little characters that add personality to your Christmas decoration. Here you will need craft scissors, a low-temp hot glue gun, pine cones, and felt.

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Advent Calendar Ornaments

This advent calendar ornament could be your choice for Christmas ornaments instead of opening a flimsy cardboard box. It needs your ladder or tree, decorated muslin craft bags conceal toys, treats, and messages from Santa that you can fill them again next year.

Sprinkle Confetti Ornament

This sprinkle confetti ornament is so colorful and sweet. The supplies you need to create this ornament are varnish, sprinkle, clear ornaments, and hangers.

Paper Candle Ornament

Here is the solution if you want to skip the plastic clip-on candles. You can go with these paper candle ornaments. You will need small copper or gold baking cups, paper painted yellow and textured, fine glitter in gold and copper, glue stick, hot glue gun, and gold clips.

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