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DIY Jingle Bell Christmas Decorations And Crafts To Convey Your Christmas Spirit

Jingle bells are actually the most wide-spread symbol of Christmas. There are many styles that perfectly beautifully integrated into jingle bells for your enchanting Christmas home décor. All ideas are collected on DIY Jingle Bell Christmas Decorations And Crafts To Convey Your Christmas Spirit

Rustic Bell Christmas Wreath

The supplies needed to make this rustic bell Christmas wreath are metal wreath form, 5 tip pine floral sprays, 3 tip pine floral sprays, rusty jingle bells, burlap ribbon, white chalky paint, ½ inch double-sided Hercules tape, bow wire, and sandpaper. Thus, you will have the most beautiful wreath

Sleigh Bells

This bell project is made using leather to hang the jingle bells. The supplies and tools to create these sleigh bells are 1 ½’’ D ring hook from a hardware store, vinyl or leather, large jingle bells, ribbon, stapler, scissors, embellishment for top, and a hole punch.

Bell Snowflake

When Christmas is coming, you have to make an ornament to get your mood more shining. Therefore, get yourself ready to create these adorable bell snowflake ornaments. You will need jingle bells in various colors, wire-thicker wire, glass beads, flat-backed jewels for the center of the ornament, and hot glue.

Tinsel Bells

This angelic craft is definitely creating delightful ornament especially when your children ring the bell. The supplies you need are paper or plastic cups, ribbon, scissors, jingle bell, paintbrush, tinsel garland, and white glue.

Bell Tree

This idea is a festive decorative tree for Christmas. You will need cardboard, jingle bells, white spray paint, glitter, and hot glue. After the bells were all glued on then you can take your cone outside and coat with a few coats of white.

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Bed Spring Christmas Ornament

Christmas is the best time to make a unique craft like this bed spring bell that really creative. The materials you need to create this ornament are two old bed springs, two bells, pliers, scissors, twine, ribbon, and embellishments. Besides, you will spend around 10 to 20 minutes to create these creative Christmas ornaments.

Bell Letters

This ‘JOY’ bell letter is a fun and simple touch for your Christmas decoration. You will need a lot of bells, three cans of spray paint, hot glue, and Joy Christmas letters.

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