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Striking DIY Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Bags As Your Crafting Projects With Kids

Creating a treat bag is one of the smart ways to get crafting in the Halloween season. You can ask your children to create this trick or treat bags. Therefore, here we give you the ideas of Striking DIY Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Bags As Your Crafting Projects With Kids.

Frankenstein Halloween Treat Bag

Frankenstein halloween treat bag Striking DIY Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Bags As Your Crafting With Kids Projects


It is no longer a time for your regular small green paper bags to show at Halloween. Enhance that regular bags to look like Frankenstein’s face to create an amazing treat bag. The materials to create this bag are treat bags or construction paper, candy eyeballs, black marker, string, and candies.

Easy Fabric Drawstring Bag

This easy fabric drawstring bag is a sweet item to keep your kids have grown up and out of trick or treating. Besides, your kids will use this bag year after year of Halloween for candy buckets, simple tote bags, or decorated paper bags. The supplies you need are cat-eye print fabric, fat cat print fabric, black quilt binding, pinking shears, plastic one-gallon milk jug, and sewing supplies.

DIY Bat Treat Bags

This bag is a pretty smart way to surprise your kids this Halloween with their own mini bag of candy. The materials you need to create this are black card stock, black crepe paper, candy or plastic eyes, scotch tape, glue, scissors, candy, and goodies.

Candy Shaped Bags

This candy-shaped container is a creative way to package treats for kids this Halloween. The materials you need to create this are a large candy box, double-sided tape, scissors, a craft knife, hot glue gun, ribbon, alphabet stickers, and patterned paper.

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Sticky Spiderweb Bag

This sticky and spooky bag is good for any lovers of creepy-crawlies. You can just some fabric for a basic bag design then you can elevate a standard candy bag to a quirky and cute sticky spiderweb bag. The materials you need to create this bag are outside fabric, lining fabric, heavy interfacing, plastic spiders, piece of cardboard or plastic, a rotary cutter, a self-healing mat, and a clear plastic ruler.

Trick-Or-Treat Pail

This bag is hairy scary fun. If your family has Addams Family themed costume then this bag is perfect as the duet item. The materials you needed are plastic trick or treat pumpkin, rope, tan yarn, light-colored duct tape, masking tape, black top hat, black sunglasses, scissors, hot glue, and a glue gun.

Golden Gourd Basket

This a trick or treat bag has a double function as a bag and chic Halloween home décor. You can use an actual dried-out gourd and some spray paint to make this bag. The supplies you need are dried gourd, saw, sandpaper, gold leaf kit, mod podge, leather, super glue, and permanent marker.

Black Cat Bag

This underrated Halloween motifs black cat bag is cute and perfect for crafting activities. You will feel so lucky to have this adorable felted black cat bag. The materials you needed are free printable pattern, black felt, white felt, yellow felt, pink felt, fusible web interfacing, silhouette heat, embroidery floss in color (black, white, yellow, pink), floss light, scissors, needles, and ping.


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