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DIY Hat Rack Ideas For Hat Collection To Keep Your Space Save

If you have many hat collections, you will probably need hat rack ideas where you can show your collection yet organized. All the ideas of hat rack are on DIY Hat Rack Ideas For Hat Collection To Keep Your Space Save.

Building Block

How does it look, guys? It is functional hat racks and pretty good, right? This item is so perfect in your kid bedroom because they love to play building blocks instead of storing or giving away the extra set of blocks. Your kids will love this additional item to store their bibs and hats.

Farmhouse Hat Rack

This rustic farmhouse hat rack is perfect for your cowboy hats and gardening caps. After activities in your garden, hang your hat and bag there that shows a style.

Minimalistic Hat Rack

This is the simplest idea of hat rack where proof you that building your won hat rack does not have to be a complicated thing. A few wooden pegs screwed into a voila and board.

Refurbished Shutter

This is an idea of old pieces and repurposing them as new. Besides, if you use old shutter from flea markets, vintage or thrift stores, you will get it cheaper than other ideas. Just paint the shutter as you want and add the hooks and knobs to hang the hats.

Traveling Hat Rack

This is a gorgeous traveling hat rack that travels the door. It looks like a frame or even a large mirror and shows a statement.

Crowded Hat Wall

Here is a charming way for your extensive hat collection to not only keep them off the floor but to show them off too.


This pegboard hat rack is definitely simple and chic. Besides, you can easily move the pegs around to fit your own personal hanging needs. It is also good for your bag. Perfecto!

Neon Animals

Here is the idea for your kids’ hat rack. It shows a perfect place to hang up your sailor hats, kid toques, and baseball caps.

Hanging Hat Organizer

Hanging hat organizer DIY Hat Rack Ideas For Hat Collection To Keep Your Space Save

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have a cool collection of hats that you should really show them off, try to have this idea. Create a hat rack statement wall piece to keep your hats organized.

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