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DIY Cool Hanging Mod Planter From Copper Plumbing Supplies

For the one who loves plants. Adding a pot of plants inside will be so grateful. If you want to install a new hanging planter that looks different, you can create it by hand. In this article, we are going to see a DIY cool hanging mod planter made of copper plumbing supplies. This DIY hanging planter will add a mid-century modern into your home. Let us see how Melissa Caughey creates it!

Diy cool hanging mod planter from copper plumbing supplies 1

Firstly, gather the material. You will need a piece of rectangular wood, copper plumbing supplies in various sizes, a tube of permanent adhesive. Then you should have a drill, Dremel with barrel sander, hanging glass orb. To look more fabulous, prepare sandpaper, wood stain, fishing line, air plant, succulent clippings, and moss.

Diy cool hanging mod planter from copper plumbing supplies 2

Layout the pieces of copper fittings that you have bought. You will need an adhesive to attach it to each other.  See the copper needs in this part. There should be a six-inch ½ pipe piece. Then, two 90-degree fitting elbows to support the tub. Then, you need a 90-degree elbow as well to complete the look. Don’t forget the two-ich ½ pipe piece and the ½ tube cap. All of them are what you need to have to create the copper hanging planter.

Diy cool hanging mod planter from copper plumbing supplies 3

Using sandpaper, you should sand the rectangular wood and stain it. Then, make a hole by a drill. Make sure the hole will fit the copper coupling. Drill one hole again for a nail that will be used for hanging later on. Glue the pipe copper in the front area of the wooden base. Now, you have a cool copper hanging.

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Diy cool hanging mod planter from copper plumbing supplies 4

Take the glass orb and fill it with some moss and plants. Choose succulents that are low-maintenance and will grow up in less sunlight. You are free to add an air plant as well that will look great for your wall. So, what do you think about this hanging planter? This is a super cool mid-century piece, isn’t it?


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