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DIY Stylish Pencil Cases Ideas To Elevate Your Kids Style On School

Go back to school? Here are the ideas to make your kids’ spirit back to school blooming again. Prepare pencil cases for school supplies is an important detail. The inspiration of pencil cases ideas is collected in DIY Stylish Pencil Cases Ideas To Elevate Your Kids Style On School.

DIY Woven Pencil Pouch

You can have this pouch with your basic sewing skill by weaving cording through white canvas mesh even you can have your children involved in this project. When you copy this to your kids or sisters, they will always love to go back to school. The materials you need to create this woven pencil pouch are two binder clips, scissors, one button, waxed cotton cording, and white canvas mesh.

DIY Pencil Tube

It is a time to recycle a mail tube then turning it into a perfect pencil case to store the school supplies such as pencils, crayons, and markers. Besides, you can have your own color on the cover of this tube.

DIY Strawberry Pencil Case

You can have this pencil case by updating regular blank fabric pencil cases with green felt and faint. After that, paint some strawberry seeds to make a new pencil case for your kids to go back to school.

DIY Rattan Pencil Case

Not only kids, but teenagers will also love to have this rattan pencil case. Start by having a rattan case, paint brushes, painter’s tape, and acrylic paint. You can have your own painting creation on the pencil case then it is good to have a simple even love pattern on top. It is pretty to put your erasers, crayons, and pencils. Try it now!

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DIY Gold Dots Pencil Case

This trendy gold dot details in a new pencil case are definitely chic for your kids as a place for school supplies like a ruler, pencils, eraser, markers, and scissors. Moreover, with its transparent, it makes your kids easier to find what they need.

DIY Embroidered Floral Pencil Case

Show off your little stitching skills then you can whip up this pretty pencil case. Add any floral motifs you love and design on the case.

DIY Glitter Graphic Pencil Cases

Do you have many old pencil cases? Here is the smart way to go. You can update your old pencil case with one of the free printable stencils. After that, use paint or glitter to stencil to create glitter graphic pencil cases.


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