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5 DIYs to Turn Your Home Into a Zen Paradise

When most of us return to our home after a long day of work, we want to relax in a space that asks nothing of us but to give it the proper respect it deserves. This might mean taking off your shoes at the door, or it might mean keeping your house absolutely spotless all the time using tips from the HomeMakerGuide. But the common thread is that we respect it. 


Unpacking the Cluttered Mind

Our environment mirrors our lives. If we are in chaos, chaos will follow us, will infect our mind, and in turn, lead us down the path of apathy. Not caring is the road to neglecting the living space. If your mind is clear, you care more and want to maintain your house with greater vigilance, keeping your thoughts as organized as your living space. 

Restoring Your Peace

If you feel uncontrolled chaos creeping up and want to keep it at bay, these simple adjustments to your house will help:

1. Take Charge of Your Environment

It is said that the things you own, eventually end up owning you. To remove that philosophy from your life, and be in control of your home, minimizing the items you don’t use is a great way to keep your mind free removing clutter will open up your space, allowing a better flow.


2. Avoiding Monochrome

Modern homes are all about black and white décor, and clean, square lines. Adding a splash of vibrant colors will liven up your space, and make it feel warmer and more inviting.

3. A New Glow

The warmth and power of fire can change the energy in your home. Putting in some candles, or even some lights that are supposed to resemble candles can add an element of raw energy that might inspire a change in you, just as passionate as the change created by fire, but less destructive.

4. Living with New Life

Home is where the heart is and having living things in your house is a fantastic way to look forward to returning each day, if for no other reason than to tend to your living things. Adding some plants is good for wellbeing in any way.  Plants are quiet, they require little attention, lavender flower, for example, will fill your home with an unforgettable smell.

5. Symmetry

To further enhance the feng shui, creating symmetry in your home design is a simple solution for a mind that needs balance. Matching furniture pieces, books organized properly and everything in its place are calming and keeps the mind free to focus. 

Having a home that makes you feel happy and safe is not hard to accomplish. It just takes the decision to do what has to be done to adjust your living space to accommodate the need for balance, organization, and simplicity. If you want to see some examples, many Asian homes, especially in Japan, have done this for hundreds of years. Do you think a Zen paradise is a right home for you?



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