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DIY Lamp Ideas To Revamp Your Old Lamp Into The Most Captivating Lamp Ever

The homemade lamp ideas are always captivating for yourself even your guest. There will be a feeling of sophisticated because you made it with your own idea and hand. Here are the DIY lamp ideas for you to try on DIY Lamp Ideas To Revamp Your Old Lamp Into The Most Captivating Lamp Ever.

Lego Lamp

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have a squared-off lamp in your kids’ room then it needs makeover action by having Legos exterior. Have the main base glued on, then let your creativity go smartly build all sorts of Lego creation on its surface.

Rustic And Industrial Style Lamp

This lamp has wrapped with a thick manila rope on its base while it looks versatile enough to go in a wide variety of styles. To create this, adhered tope with a hot glue gun and no need to mess with strong adhesives.

Living Lamp Terrarium


A lovely living lamp terrarium, you just be sure to pick the right type of plants that are able to thrive inside a closed environment. This DIY lamp base is to turn the vessel into a terrarium and use air plants, moss, sand, and a variety of crystals.

Mason Jar Farmhouse Style Lamp

Add your farmhouse with this stylish DIY table lamp out of a large mason jar. Start to spray paint to the lamp with a mercury glass finish. Besides, you can also pick other colors that would blend your existing decoration.

Designer Lamp

This DIY lamp for designers has huge price tags. Meanwhile, in this case, this idea can be much more cost-effective and creative to come up with a knock-off version.

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Vintage Fan Desk Lamp


Well, do not limit your creativity by yourself because in the proses of DIY lamps your creativity is crucial. You may use the eclectic vintage style that is up to your alley and all the retro items will convert the lamp. Besides, it is also a great example of how old items repurpose action that is definitely gorgeous.

Nautical DIY Lamp


This lamp is called a recycled bottle lamp that is large enough to beautify your entry table or console table.


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