27 Tips on How to Enhance Fresh Home Decor

When we hear the word “fresh” what usually appears in your mind is probably plants. Apart from plants, other components can contribute to your fresh home décor. Here 3 tips to enhance them to increase the freshness of your interior.

Use Natural Lights

Take advantage of your windows by letting in more natural lights. Make sure that the windows are not blocked by any furniture or bulky window covers. Natural lights enhance the freshness of your house; it will make you feel as if you are outdoors. If you have a small window, then maybe it’s time to replace it with a glass windowpane. If you are insecure about that, it is also a good idea to install a minimalistic window trellis along with the glass windowpane.

Large windows with trellis accents in the living room allow sunlight to provide an adequate supply of light when you are in the room.

In connection with the idea of ​​home lighting, you must ensure that the dining room of the house has enough natural light such as ventilation and large glass windows. The trellis accent will add the beauty of the room.

The window complete with trellis provides enough light and a beautiful view when you are in the room. Unique chairs and large antique pots will complete the decoration.

Not only does it provide enough light, but this wide window is also can give fresh air in your living room. Applying a pink color scheme will make the decoration fresher.

Natural lighting in this room comes from a large window and white shades that are used. The iron trellis on the window can create a minimalist impression for the whole decor.

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Good lighting can enhance a perfect appearance. Natural lighting in the kitchen of a house with large windows will create a natural impression.

Natural light in this living room can be enjoyed during the day trough the large window. By applying this idea, you don’t need to turn on the lamp and surely your home will fresh at the same time.

This home decoration has large windows complete with tralis that function as natural light and air circulation needed by the room.

Natural light plays a role in the lighting of the room. So, you have to make sure that you are installing the right window. For this idea, you can use window trellis and a white shade to emphasize the brightness.

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Complement Your Plants

You can enhance your fresh home décor, such as plants by complementing it with plant stands. It may sound unnatural, but it saves you space and lets you keep more indoor plants. There are many varieties of plant stands, make sure that it suits your interior, and the materials are strong enough to hold your plants along with their pots. A plant stand also acts as a décor to enliven the room; it makes plant management easier and helps the plants to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Design your home in a way that makes it back to nature with a touch of green plants stands certainly gives a lot of places to make an attractive appearance in the room.

By standing plants, you save space in your home, add hanging plants to get a deeper natural atmosphere.

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When decorating a home by adding standing plants will help you feel connected to the outside world that will provide freshness.

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Placing stands of green plants in the corner of the room will provide a small amount of oxygen throughout the room in a simple way but beautiful to enhance the home decor.

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With a few pots of green plants you can apply it to the stands, this house feels like life again and also looks fresh.

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Placing plant stands at home will provide a small amount of oxygen throughout the room and get an aesthetic decoration at the same time.

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Bring the garden to the home decoration to give a natural touch. You can put the stands in the corner of the room. Try it now

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In addition to plants in planters, some of the flowers placed in these stands will add freshness to the home decor and can save space.

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Plant stands you can use to store some of your belongings while in the room. This method will add a good dose of color to the room of your house that was previously pale.

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Color Scheme

The color scheme of your interior and decorations is also important because it can make them complement each other or the opposite. That is why you must plan and decide before buying or redecorating anything.


Colors that enhance naturalness is not always green. If you have plants as your décor, making the wall to be colored green will just make it bland. However, the color gray will complement green to stand out more. Other colors that complement green, is brown. You may want to try and implement shades of brown for your furniture.

This modern house with natural shades of gray creates a comfortable home that is suitable for you to mix with some other greenery. Pair with matching colored sofa furniture for a perfect contrast.

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To enhance the environmentally friendly home decor, this room uses gray walls and some plants to make it stand out more. Add some furniture like a modern wooden table.

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The neutral gray color scheme is the main focus of this home decor. Some plants add fun natural drama.

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This classic house has some brown furniture that is mixed with greenery to make it stand out more. With sofas, carpets and wooden floors it is our hope to reprocess your home

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This beautiful modern house with shades of gray will give a simple look in the room. Some greenery, rugs, and contemporary furniture work well to support the look of your room.

This contemporary style house with shades of gray to maximize decoration. Green and metallic plant elements that collaborate with soothing neutral colors.

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Shades of gray collaborate with some beautiful plants. They will create a natural calm to your home.

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You can add a few plants to the house with a gray color scheme to make it stand out more. This method provides freshness to the entire room.

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This fresh natural colored gray house is very rich in natural atmosphere and texture which makes the room decoration feel like returning to nature.

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Those are ways to enhance your fresh home décor. Are you inspired? Try to apply them and enjoy the freshness!


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