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28 DIY Dining Table Remodeling Ideas

A dining table is a focal point in your dining room, yet it rarely appeals much attention it deserves. The most common problem of remodeling a room is budget–thus, don’t go overboard. You can achieve to have a completely different-looking dining room by starting a DIY dining table remodeling idea. It’s a simple and easy job anyone can do.

Here are some ideas to make the DIY dining table remodeling project.

1. Plan #1

Choose different paint stains for the table apron and the top. If you have a wooden table that’s fading in shade, pick a solid color, and wash the edges as well as the apron sides. On the top, opt for stain with richer hues.

There is a certain attraction for furniture such as this extraordinary dining table. You can fire blue for this DIY dining table idea. Combined with colorful chairs to make it look attractive.

Creating a charming dining table is not as difficult as you think. Paint the green color on a round shape table for an attractive appearance.

Planning to combine the beauty of a yellow dining table with a pink chair is not a bad idea for you to try. This dining table is very attractive and you can combine it with wooden floors.

You might not believe how attractive this orange dining table is. Combine with matching chairs for a pretty perfect result.

image source

2. Plan #2

Paint the dining table with a clean white color. Take the inspiration from classic dining room design where everything looks clean, sleek, and modern in white.

If you want to have a classic-style dining table you can apply a white dining table. This project is the right choice to start.

image source

A perfect white round table will produce a classic look in the room. Perfect with several unique chairs and flower vases on the table.

image source

The white dining table will help create a pleasant classic atmosphere. Choose chairs with matching colors and ornaments on the table to give a fresh breath to this classic dining room.

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This white dining table presents the luxury of softness and sophistication that is adjusted as you enjoy dinner.

image source

The white dining table design is the perfect furniture to showcase a stunning classic look in this luxurious dining room. With the rough texture of the paint, it will look so classic.

image source

3. Plan #3

If your table has a damaged or outdated top, consider replacing it with other materials. Concrete tabletop makes the best option out there for a sturdy-looking and easy remodeling.

You can replace the surface of your dining table with concrete material. Combined with the wood for the table legs for the best look.

image source

The concrete dining table will look sturdy and attractive in a classic style dining room. Complete with a few chairs and another classic look.

image source

This is a simple DIY dining table idea but will provide a sturdy and durable look to your dining room design.

image source

If you have to decorate the dining room in a classic style, this concrete table and dining chair from wood is probably the simplest answer. Combined with wooden legs to bring a natural vibe.

image source

4. Plan #4

You can change the table appearance completely by adding glass. For the DIY project, measure the glass top to match with the tabletop size. This way, you can bring out some sparkle or by adding nailhead trim.

This glass dining table provides a luxurious dining room. Modern lighting gives a fresh touch for classic decor.

The classic dining room with a glass dining table at the top can really lift the look of this dining room. Complete with orange chairs with leather material to strengthen the classic vibe.

image source

You can combine the glass top with curve-shaped for the legs to create a sophisticated DIY dining table idea.

Play your imagination and create your wonderful DIY dining table idea. You can change the surface of the table with glass material and make unique legs with curve-shaped. To look match, you have to choose the glass in round shape and get a sleek look.

image source

5. Plan #5

Look around and see the main theme of your dining room. If you want to go bold, take out solid paints from your garage and start the DIY painting project. You can match the color with the room’s painting or go completely the opposite to draw attention.

The brown color on the dining table has an appeal in the rustic dining room. A wood dining table and rattan chairs with natural finishing add elegance to the entire room.

image source

If you really want to save your budget, just repaint your old told table with dark brown color and make a bold statement in your modern rustic dining room decor.

image source

Consider a cool neutral brown dining table that can complement the design of a classic dining room, so this is one of the brightest ideas.

image source

6. Plan #6

For easy DIY dining table remodeling idea, cover the countertop with stainless steel or sheet metal that brings out the elegance and industrial theme. Match the visual with wooden chairs and flower vase on top.

Adding a stainless steel dining table in the dining room is a great choice to complement this classic yet modern dining room.

Applying a stainless steel dining table creates a theme of elegance and industry. Pair with a few simple chairs to matching look.

The stainless steel dining table has a theme of elegance and industry in a dining room that matches the rustic style in your home.

The stainless steel dining table can look more attractive when paired with other classic furniture. Classic-style dining chairs complement the decor with walls and modern lighting fixtures.

image source

7. Plan #7

Finish your DIY dining table remodeling ideas with some glossy paint. Opt for water-based polyurethane to protect the surface as well as delivering glossy and sleek finish. Voila! With some simple dining table DIY ideas, you can entertain guests with a completely new look.

A shiny dining table is one way to make an attractive appearance in the dining room. Paint the table with varnish to create a stylish look.

image source

The beautiful view from the dining table by adding varnish paint is an interesting way to get a shiny table. Pair with a wishbone chair to complete the decoration.

image source

Shiny table settings in this dining room will create a sleek look. The glossy paint will add a stylish look to the dining room.

image source

Make a shiny dining table with glossy paint and apply for the surface. It can create an elegant and classy look. To complete the decoration you can add a few classic chairs.

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