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7 DIY Ideas With Easter Eggs To Try At Home That Is Exciting And Fun

There is a lot of ideas that you can try to use with Easter Eggs as your decoration. For example, you can try to use Egg Trees for outside decoration or Animated Eggs for inside decoration or Bejeweled Eggs as the centerpiece. Other than that, you can also create some change with the Easter Eggs and make it more fun and exciting for the kids. What’s more is these ideas are all DIY, which means you can make it by yourself. And most importantly, it is cheap.

To get more ideas for easter decoration,  take a look at 7 DIY Ideas With Easter Eggs To Try At Home That Is Exciting And Fun.

1 Glow In The Dark Easter Egg

If you want to try something that looks cool and awesome for this Easter, then try to use glow in the dark Easter Eggs. And using this Easter Eggs will feel more exciting and challenging for your kids.

2 Ninja Turtle Easter Egg

Creating Ninja Turtle Easter Egg is easy and only uses a handful of supplies. So, if you looking for an easy but awesome Eggs ideas, then you need to try this one.

3 Disney Pixar Egg

If your kids are fans of Disney movie, then you need to try the egg kraft with Disney Theme for this Easter. Start by choosing a character from Disney Universe, then start dyeing the eggs.

4 Confetti Egg

This one is quite unique because you can use these eggs not only for Easter but also for a party like birthday parties. Filled the eggs with paper and cracked them over the head of others and make the Easter fills with laughter.

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5 Octopus Easter Egg

If your kids are bored with dyeing the Easter Eggs, then try this one. By using some wool beads and other supplies, then you can transform Easter Eggs into cute little octopus.

6 Bejeweled Eggs

Look how luxe this Easter Eggs. You can use this as a variation for decoration in your living rooms, or you can put this as a trophy for the Kid who gathers the most Easter Eggs.

7 Foam Easter Egg

This decoration is actually so easy. All you need is egg foam and some twigs, with a couple of here and there you can put this foam tree Easter Egg all over your house.

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