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Maximize Your House with 3 Creative DIY Room Divider

Room divider knows exactly how to turn nothing into everything. While the airy and welcoming open-air floor plan is gaining more enthusiasts, there’s nothing wrong in wanting a little bit of privacy for yourself. Not only that it maximizes the small space that you have, but room dividers also help you to enhance certain squares in a large, border less room.

Additionally, room dividers are unique due to their flexibility and variety. Although there is a handful of warehouse store which sell ready-to-use room dividers, you can cut some budget by getting creative with DIY room divider ideas.

Easy to install and get crafty on, here are some of the most innovative DIY room divider for a nuanced house.

1. Vintage Jute Rope Room Divider

Organic and environment-friendly, get yourself crafty making this jute rope DIY room divider. Adding vintage touches in your house, this room divider is easy-to-make, affordable, and flexible to install and reinstall.

A very rustic way to divide one room into dedicated spaces. You will need two wood beams, one for the ceiling and the other for the floor. Boreholes or add small nails along the wood beams for the rope to attach to. Choose jute rope types for a more rustic look.

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Modern with a touch of rustic. This sisal rope room screen effectively separates the space without hindering the line of sight nor light and air flows.
Jute rope with plant Climbers divider. Having an indoor garden will liven up your space with colors and help freshen indoor air. This indoor garden also serves as the room separator.

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Divider as well as a decoration for the bathroom. this might be a double benefit of using a rope to divider also hanging bulb at the same time. It’s a great deal to have it yours, too.

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Bold blue jute rope. These rope walls here are easily designed, yet look astonishing, elegant and modern. Not only that but also giving a stunning decoration between your living room and the family room.

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You can position it in your bedroom’s door for a greater sense of intimacy. While this room divider doesn’t allow total visual obstruct, it’s a great addition to add an illusion of spaces as well as adding subtlety to your room.

2. Simple Bookshelf Room Divider

If you’re storing a lot of books, you might want to create this classic, carefully-positioned bookshelf room divider. While it might look overly simple, the key to nail this DIY room divider lies in its positioning and arrangement. You can also arrange the books either from height, color, or title to create a neat impression.

Opt for a tall bookcase. Customized or not, a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf can function as a room divider while also providing extra storage and display space.

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Black bookshelf for a dividing room. This useful for any room that is needed to separate but not covered at all. Besides the divider is also useful for displaying ornaments.

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Half-divider room with bookcase idea. The calm color divider matching with the room color overall. You can put some ornament in the bookcase and some books, too.
Bookshelf divider next to the stairs. It’s could be an awesome decoration to copy, it’s useful to hide the stairs. Not only that but also useful to put book collection.
Mini bookshelves between big windows and the mini one. In fact, it’s not to divide the room space but more to decorate the room. You can put some books to be reading book the guests.

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Adding privacy to their space, this room divider is great for children who have to share a bedroom. You can also put their favorite book inside the shelf for them to read. 

3. Funky Vinyl Records Room Divider

Gather your old vinyl, paint them to any color that you like (or let it stay black if you love it classic!), and transform your house into a retro haven with this vinyl DIY room divider. You can attach the disk with metal strings or fishing lines and let it hang in your living room.

Funky vinyl records divider for workroom space. This amazing idea to create an illusion in the room with this vinyl divider. Because of it, the room look so funky impressive.

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Bathroom divider with used vinyl divider idea. If you have a vinyl collection that unused, why not used to be room divider in the bathroom. Like this one, you can applied in your bathroom, too.

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White vinyl cover becomes room divider in the home office room. It’s an awesome idea because not only good decorating the room but also cheap material from the used vinyl cover.

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Blue wall with vinyl decoration. You might be have no idea to do this one thing, but now you know. The used vinyl in your home can create awesome decorations in your room like this one.

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Living room divider by a vinyl cover. To divide your room but not to blind to view other rooms. This could be the best option for you by using unused vinyl like that.

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Unique and innovative, this room divider looks best in your living room or bedroom.
Room dividers are a great solution for an over-cramped room that needs more nuance in it. With these creative and affordable DIY room divider ideas, you’ll get a unique interior in no time.

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