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30 Creative DIY Bag Ideas for Women

Bags for women is a useful accessories. Sometimes, women choose elegant and expensive bags to show their high passion and as the way to look classy. Bags are available into some materials, shapes, colors, and prices. It surely depends on your need and budget.

Women usually put their makeup, hand phone, wallet, keys, note, and some other small accessories in the bag. That’s why the bag should be representative for functional reason. But, have you ever imagined to make a DIY bag by yourself? Even, you can create the one as your need and desire. To go deeper in this discussion, scroll down the page and check out some examples of DIY bags below.

Colorful knit tote bag ideas
Colorful knit sling bag
Round rattan bag with colorful pom-pom
Small denim bag
Big blue denim tote bag
Crochet tote bag color
Blue crochet bag
Brown pattern knit bag
Brown crochet bag with flower pattern
Repurpose old denim for bag
Woven rattan bag idea
Colorful knit bag ideas
Dark brown crochet bag
Denim bag ideas from old denim pant
Gray and white bags
Rattan hand bag with flowers accent
Fabric bag with flower pattern
Red knit hand bag idea
Round colorful sling bags
Round white crochet bag
Small colorful bag
Small gray fabric bag
Small gray drawstring bag
Square white knit bag
Patchwork tote bag
Beads bag with watermelon pattern
White and dark blue knit bag
White stripes fabric tote bag
Blue crochet bag
Yellow knit bag

If you really want to make a bag by yourself, you need a creativity and little effort to make it true. Prepare the material that you want your bags made of, like cotton, rattan, leather, and many more. The first example of DIY bags is friendly for those who have an ability of knitting. Knitted tote bags, sling bags, and hand bags are good to make in colorful models. But, you can have one calm and neutral color like beige, black, white, or the color that you love the most. This DIY bags never fail you since their function is still the same. One thing you should remember that as long as you make it wholeheartedly and in detail, you can bring your to any events, both formal or casual.

To look more casual, you can have a denim bag. Don’t throw your old denim jeans. You can magically make a small bags from it. With a creative sewing process, you can recycle your old denim jeans into a stunning yet pretty DIY bag to hang out. Since denim jeans give casual look, you are also possible to make a denim tote bag which is easy handled and fabulous. The next idea is finding some fabric with pattern like stripes, polka dots, or floral to make a tote bag. Add designs of your initial name or quotes to make it more beautiful. Moreover, rattan can be your material in making a creative DIY bag. Woven rattan bags are made with the process of woving. A small woven rattan hand bag, then, becomes your best accessories to go for a summer day out with your friends. Making a DIY bags is the way to recycle old material and express your creativity to make the bag that you need and desire. Try it now on!

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