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25 Most Mesmerizing Hot Tub Cover Ideas for Ultimate Relaxing Time

As you prepare your outdoor hot tub not only to relax your body and soul but also to warm up the body in a cold weather, you will definitely need to build a gazebo to cover up your hot tub in case the rain is falling or the snow is quite troublesome for you. People may think of what is that for to build an outdoor hot tub that will only burden you with the season changing, and it is better to build your hot tub indoor since you can enjoy it anytime you want without worrying this and that. However, you already made the right decision to have an outdoor hot tub because you can have certain sensation that you can’t get when you do it indoor like the wind breeze, nature atmosphere that bring out peacefulness, the smell of the snow, plants, ground and things that are completely perfect to make you relax.

When preparing your hot tub gazebo, there are some designs that you should consider, whether you choose to have closed design with walls and windows, or it’s ok for you to have an opened style. The construction it self could be in different forms, you cam have it in round, square, pentagon, and more. You could adjust it based on your personal taste. When you have found the right design that you really want, then the next step is by deciding the materials. For the building commonly people use wood, but for the roof, it could be assorted where you can even use thatch to cover your roof which is so much cool with its rustic style. Don’t forget with the lighting as it will be important for your night soak quality time. You can install a chandelier, string lamps, ceiling lamps, and more. Just find the most suitable one for you. Now that you have got the explanation of an outdoor hot tub, it’s time for you to look at the examples of the designs from the pictures down below. Please enjoy and get the inspiration!


Hot tub cover with wooden seating

Wooden grey stair from divesanddollar

Shelters hot tubs

Hot tub with transparent roof

Thatch roof

Hot tub with pine trees from findacraftsman

Hot tub cover with string lamps

Green hot tub

Hot tub cover with small roof from inboundmarketingsummit

Hot tub with flat rock floors from davespoolstore

Hot tub and hanging plants

Hot tub with small stair

Hot tub cover with wooden floors from iohomedecor

Wooden roof and plants from inboundmarketingsummit

Black hot tub from iohomedecor

Hot tub with chair and lamp from kidzarea

Hot tub with lamps the ceiling from onideal

Hot tub gazebo designs

Hot tub cover with white curtain from aurelinocarpintaria

Hot tub gazebo with blue roof from zyhomy

Hot tub with vines plant from iohomedecor

Japanese hot tub pergola from homemydesign

Hot tub with brick pillars and privacy fence

DIY hot tub cover with bar from hanaleikauaivacation

Hot tub and pergola from casaydiseno

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