Having an extra space in your backyard is such a benefit for you as you can utilize it to be outdoor relaxing spot to enjoy your free day with family, friends, or the ones you love. You can even invite them to have a barbeque party on summer night while enjoying the warm weather and the fresh air that will directly bring out happiness around. However, in some cases you can’t let your seats and table are organized just that way without cover it from the climate changing as it will make your furniture to be destructed faster. Of course you don’t want it to happen, so that we advice you to cover up your furniture with roof. What we called roof here is that you should atleast build a canopy when gazebo or patio are too expensive for you.

Just like gazebo or patio, canopy also has some different kinds of form and material. You can make it by applying high long curtain to be your canopy and decorative curtain at the same time. Choose the color of the curtain based on your personal taste or the design style that you want to achieve. For your information, white and black are such monochrome colors that will be matched with modern style, the mixture of some colorful tones is great for the boho style and if you are willing to have this style you can add with flower pattern or any uniqueness form that indicate boho style. The amazing one is the use of thatch as the roof that will totally rustic and strengthen the nature touch which is good for your relaxing moment to feel the warm peacefulness of nature ambience. Since you may use it at night, it is better for you to have a proper lighting. You can install string lamps and place it around the ceiling or tree near the canopy, or just anywhere you think it will be good. We have collected some great designs of it at the gallery below. You can simply enjoy it and get the ideas. Enjoy!

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Blue canopy for outdoor space with string lamps and blue chair
Canopies for outdoor decor with yellow flowers decoration
Canopies for the garden with grey table
Canopy for backyard with round sofa table
Canopy for garden with string lamps and flowers
Canopy for outdoor decor with round wooden table
Canopy for outdoor space with chandelier and rectangular table
Diy canopy for patio with six chair
Diy canopy shade for the yard with wooden deck
Diy crafts shade canopy for patio with small wooden table and plants
Diy outdoor patio canopy with white chair and wooden table
Diy project for backyard with simple canopy and plants decoration
Grey sofa canopy for garden with diy fire pit
Outdoor canopies for the home with orange cushions
Outdoor canopy beds ideas with white curtain and floral cushions
Outdoor canopy for garden with white curtain and white roof
Outdoor canopy with white curtain
Patterned rug for canopy design with chandelier
Simple canopy for outdoor space with grey table
Straw roof canopy for garden with wooden deck
Striped canopy design with lamps and white sofa
White flower decoration for canopy with round table
White roof canopy for garden with white cushions
Wooden canopy for garden with string lamps and plants

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