26 Stylish Ways To Fill The Awkward Spaces In Your Home

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In your home, there must be an empty space left weather it is in a narrow size or even a large one. Some of you may just let the space that way without giving any concern of that, some others may restive and just can’t hold the awkward feeling of the blank spot and need something to fill in the emptiness. If you are willing to put something in your empty spot, there are so many things to do. If you have limitation space in your home, you can utilize the empty spot to put something that has functional value. Otherwise, if you don’t have any space problem in your home, you can use it as a decorative spot.

Commonly, the empty space available in a home is at the corner. Let’s find out what can we do with that corner. The first easy idea with functional purpose is by adding a reading chair on the corner with a throw pillow and slight blanket to make you cozy in winter days. In this case, place your bookshelf near the corner so that it can works well with the chair. Placing a small table with drawer and shelf is also a good idea. You can use it as a work space to do an easy or trivial business. For the artistic purpose, you can place a tabel and hang a mirror above the table. On the table, you can put a vase with your favorite flowers, an aromatic candle, and your art collections. Shelves plants and various knick-knacks are also great to add some greenary into your home. Don’t forget to choose the proper plants that won’t give you carbon dioxide at night. There are some plants on that characteristic, find some information on the internet. Moreover, your empty corner can also be applied with no any table, chair, or shelf. You can simply hang some artworks that cover along the wall near the empty space on your home. It will give a full impression although without any things on the floor. Go get some great designs of it on the gallery below. Be inspired!

Awkward corner for reading room with white wall
Awkward corner spaces with pullout drawer and shelf
Awkward corner spaces with round glass
Awkward empty corner spaces with gallery walls and cabinets
Awkward empty corner spaces with shelves plants and various knick-knacks
Awkward empty corner spaces with shelves
Awkward spaces for corner stair with gallery wall
Awkward spaces for mudroom bench with white wall
Awkward spaces near the door with shelf knick knacks
Awkward spaces near the door with umbrella basket
Awkward spaces near to the stair with chair
Awkward spaces near to the stair with plant and cabinets
Awkward spaces nook underneath staircase with hook and white wall
Awkward spaces on top of the cabinets with knick knacks
Awkward spaces on workspace with white cabinets
Awkward spaces under stair with sink and white cabinets
Awkward spaces with bicycle hook and brick wall
Awkward spaces with corner ladder bookcase display shelf
Awkward spaces with frame gold glass and gucci
Awkward spaces with knick knacks and white wall
Awkward spaces with large glass and small table
Awkward spaces with round glass and cabinets
Awkward spaces with white kitchen cabinets and the ceiling
Awkward spaces with white wall and wooden cabinets
Awkward spaces with wooden cabinets and grey sofa
Awkward spaces with wooden shelves book and gallery photo

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