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25 Carpeted Staircase Ideas That Will Add Texture And Warmth To Your Home

If your house has a staircase that connecting one to other floors, it can be a good thing to beautify your house. You can spread out the carpet into your staircase that will have a functional value that will keep your stair not to be slippery and the artistic value with its beauty in colors and design. As it is known that carpet has so many patterns and colors that will represent the style of your home. It could be Boho style with colorful and quirky design, modern style with its monochrome colors, classic with gold, creme, white, or beige color, and so many other styles. Choose the one based on your home style and decoration. Moreover, with an additional hint of color and texture, carpeting can round out a design and create a sense of continuity between two different floors.

Now let us talk about the carpeting ideas for your staircase. The first one is that you can add the carpet with a touch of texture. Showcases subtle textured carpeting on the stairs will give you a warm and comfortable step. The animal pattern carpet is also great that will create a jungle impression for your home. It could be in a zebra pattern, tiger, or giraffe. If you have a rustic home with a wooden staircase, a rustic retreat designed incorporates a brown-striped runner to complement the detailed style of the space will be perfect for your home. Detailed pattern carpet is the one that will match a lot with your glamorous home. You can use it and find the patterns that you love, don’t forget about the budget! The pictures below are the collection of the carpeted staircases that we have prepared for you. Hope you can get the inspiration!

Carpet Staircase Darkish Shade from onideal

Classic Carpet for Wooden Staircase from onideal

Patterned Carpet with Wooden Floor from onideal

Carpet Stairscase with Classic Vibe from onideal

Zig Zag Motif Carpet Staircase from onideal

Black and White Shade Carpet from onideal

Striped Carpet Staircase from onideal

Animal Carpet Wooden Stairs from onideal

Gray Carpet Ideas from onideal

Leopard and Flower Motif Carpet from onideal

Faux Fur Material Carpet from onideal

Colorful Carpet Ideas from onideal

Carpet Stairs with Yellow Color from onideal

Modern Style Carpet Staircase from onideal

Leopard Carpet with White and Brown Color from onideal

Sunflower Stair Carpet from onideal

Black and White Stairs Carpet from onideal

Knitted Stairs Carpet from onideal

Dark Carpet for White Staircase from onideal

Elegant Carpet with Touch Gold from onideal

White Staircase with Striped Carpet from onideal

Wicker Carpet for White Staircase from onideal

Modern Look Carpet from onideal

Small Motifs Carpet from onideal

Bohemian Printed Carpet from onideal

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