25 Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Having a small home is really troublesome sometimes. Small home means small space on each room. It won’t cover your needs of storing all your things well since the space is too narrow for you put some shelves or cupboards. If you are on this situation, just be chill! Don’t be frustrated because you can still do something to solve your lack of space problem. Today, there are so many creative people with their creative ideas to do some hacks of their living needs, including to outsmart the limitation space. This hack can be applied for any room in your home so that it will be quite interesting as you can get the ideas for your own space problem solving.

Bathroom! Maybe there are rarely people take their concern on this room, but this room is as important as other rooms. You can make some extra storage here from the rustic tissue wooden storage that will keep your tissue stock in a fresh way as it made of wood. Then, you can hang one or two cabinets above the mirror to store your toiletries or skin care. Mason jar is also a great idea to be hanged near the sink to store your toothbrush and toothpaste. At the bedroom, you can add extra storages under your bed. Use it to place you things that rarely used, or if it is in your kids’ room, you can use it as the toys storage so that it won’t fall apart here and there. At the living room, you can place the storages by using iron shelves vertically to put your magazines, collections, appliances, and more. By arranging it vertically will surely saving space and let go of your awkward empty nook. There are still so many ideas for you to manage your home small spaces, keep on this page and check at our gallery out. Be creative!

Creative storage for bathroom tissue with wooden drawer
Creative storage for bathroom with mason jar
Creative storage for bathroom with pallets
Creative storage for bathroom with wooden shelf
Creative storage for laundry room with pallet wood
Kitchen storage with cabinet for storing kitchen spices
Storage back door with doll shelf
Storage for bedroom with shelves book in wall
Storage for floor mop tool with wooden cabinets
Storage for kitchen appliance with hook
Storage for kitchen sink with shelves to store kitchen items
Storage for kitchen with shelves iron
Storage for laundry room with containers shelf
Storage for laundry room with floor mop tool hook
Storage ideas for bathroom with toiletries rack
Storage ideas for bathroom with towel shelf and white wall
Storage ideas for bedroom with corner shelf and white wall
Storage ideas for kitchen with kitchen shelf
Storage ideas for small spaces with clothes hook
Storage ideas with corner shelf book
Storage ideas with shoes drawer under the chair
Storage kitchen for glass with wooden hook
Storage shoes with pipe rack
Storage shoes with wooden shelf
Storage under staircase with reading room

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