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25 Chic DIY Wall Project Ideas That Add Style To Your Small Space

To make use of your empty wall with some pretty wall project is a very good idea. You can create a dimension into your wall which is so much worth it because your flat wall is not feasible to just let it into its emptiness. Talking about how we can utilize the wall with a project, basically, it is divided into two kinds of things. The first one is for the ornament and the second one is for the sake of managing your small room so that you need to create extra space to store your things. Since your wall has the potency to fill your decoration needs, don’t wait too long and just start to plan your wall project.


Your wall project can be applied to any room of your home, such as your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, even your entryway. Then, as it is mentioned before that the wall project is divided into its functional value and artistic value, let’s talk about each of that one by one. The first one is for the functional value, which means that you make something that can be utilized to store your things. For the living room, you can hang a bookshelf and arrange your books collection there. It is such a good idea while you can enjoy reading your books when you are bored with your television. The second one is when you create the wall project into your bathroom, you can hang shelves and use them to store your towels and toiletry. Apply it into other rooms of your home and use it to store anything you need. For artistic value, you can still hang shelves and use them to put some decorative plants, souvenirs, or aromatic candles. However, besides the shelves, you can hang some ornaments as well like a wooden dream catcher, flowers wreath, or any artwork. To give you detailed examples of the project, we have compiled some pictures for you. Please enjoy and get inspired!

Floating Rack Bathroom Shelves from 33decor

DIY Vertical Pallet Rack from apartementdecor

DIY Macramé Wall Project from onideal

Hanging Corner Rack from homyracks

DIY Vintage Wall Decoration from interiordecorr

Floral Monogram Wall Art from homebnc

Wall Mounted Coffee Mug Holder from countryliving

Hanging Waterfall Flower from futuristarchitecture

Indoor Plants on the Wall from artmyideas

DIY Fruit Wall Project from artmyideas

Driftwood Candle Holder from onideal

Light Up Wall Scones from instructables

DIY Wall Maps Craft from listingmore

Rustic Mason Jar Lantern from homebnc

Cassette Tape Wall Project from homedecorupdate

Rustic Pallet Wall Shelves from decoor

Shabby Chic Window Wall Project from kaksekonomit

Window Frame and Evergreen Wreath from digsdigs

Zig Zag Wine Rack from woyhome

DIY Modern Wall Art from trenduhome

DIY Wooden Shelves for Wall Project

DIY Wooden Clock from 101recycledcrafts

DIY Wall Mounted Shelves from onideal

DIY Key and Sunglasses Holder from gagohome

Floating Wall Workspace from onideal

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