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25 Small Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Make a Huge Impact

Starting a project or renovation is not easy. Start by choosing the color scheme that you like. After that you can adjust other elements: starting from the floor, table, wall color, accessories and lighting. One of the tips that we can give is to design a bathroom along with the kitchen because there are several items needed in both rooms: sink, ceramic floor, table. For bathrooms, shower is also needed, bath tub etc. Especially if you have a bathroom with a small or limited dimension, the task of setting it up is not easy, especially because of the standards of neatness and cleanliness that should be fulfilled for the health of the occupants of the house. Clean furniture regularly: Bathroom furniture is prone to weathering and damage due to high humidity, prone to exposure to soap, foam and other chemicals. Use a clean cloth and special cleaning fluid while keeping the furniture neat. Get rid of useless items. Color selection is an important decision when designing every room in the house, including the bathroom.

The right colors can create the right atmosphere and create a perfect room for relaxation, or even with sensual colors you can rest perfectly and meditate. If you tend to have solid activities, especially in the morning, the colors chosen should tend to be bright and cool to make you feel refreshed in the morning. While rich colors like purple, gray and pastel can give the right mood as a good start to the day. However, for small bathrooms, bright colors are better because they can provide the illusion of a wider space. Walls and floors should not only be beautiful but also functional. Bathroom floors and walls must be moisture, heat and stain resistant. Tiles (especially ceramics) are a good choice for both, besides that it also gives the impression of luxury. For the impression of rustic or more modern, wood that is given a waterproof coating can also be a beautiful choice. Another more economical option is bamboo, because of its leak resistance, heat and humidity.

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Small bathroom combination with purple color

Small bathroom with black and white wall

Small bathroom with black closet

Small bathroom with black floor

Small bathroom with black wall

Small bathroom with blue wall

Small bathroom with green wall

Small bathroom with grey tile

Small bathroom with grey wall

Small bathroom with knick knack

Small bathroom with leaf tile wall

Small bathroom with pattern floor

Small bathroom with pink wall

Small bathroom with rectangular glass

Small bathroom with round glass

Small bathroom with shelves over toilet

Small bathroom with white brick wall

Small bathroom with white closet

Small bathroom with white curtain

Small bathroom with white floor

Small bathroom with white sink

Small bathroom with white wall

Small bathroom with wooden cabinets

Small bathroom with wooden floor

Small bathroom with wooden wall

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