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10 Light Fixtures That Will Make a Big Difference In Your Kitchen

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Kitchen can be the most important room at home but also the less interesting spot compared with any other rooms in your home by its impression that will only serve you with cabinet, storage, appliances and other uninteresting stuff. If you are tired of your kitchen boring look and really wish to create an awesome ambience into it, then you need to add any ornament or decoration for your kitchen. There are some stuffs that are possible to added into your kitchen, but we do advice you to concern on the lighting as it can give certain atmosphere that depends on your kind of lighting, the exposure, and the style.

For the kitchen, there three types of light fixtures, those are recessed fixtures, surface fixtures, and pendant fixtures. Commonly, many people have more than one types of light fixtures to be applied in their kitchen, but now let us talk about each fixture type first. Recessed lights, it is the light fixture that disappear into the ceiling and help to preserve a sense of openness and space. It is loved by many people because they seem to need less cleaning so that it might be a good choice for that reason, particularly if your kitchen is a finished room. The second one is surface lights, it can range from small “mushroom” fixtures that hold a single bulb to 2′ x 4′ fluorescent fixtures with multiple tubes. It is placed on the surface so that there is no issue with the integrity of the ceiling, or of what’s in the space above it. Surface fixtures can also light a wide area and in general, easier to clean than recessed lights. The last one is pendant light, it is really a specialized form of surface lights. Its great advantage is that it brings the light closer to the areas where you need good visibility. For that reason, it can also be used to provide task lighting. The judicious installation of pendant lights can provide double service, by lighting both a work island and the area around it. Those are the kinds of light fixtures that u need to know, now please check out for the models of the light. Enjoy!

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