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25 Cute And Stylish Loft Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Dorm

Loft bedroom seems to be popular these days as it offer you with some possibilities of the utilization. Besides, it will be the best choice for your kids bedroom, not only for the saving space reason but also for the interest value. As it is known that loft bedroom is very unique and impressive fo kids. It even can be used as the playground for them. You just need to make sure that your kids have enough age when given this kind of bedroom because it may can be dangerous for kids who don’t have awareness yet.

For the design, you can make it based on your kids need and interest especially for the color, you should tint it in your kids favorite color. Consider your kids age when you are going to start the loft bed design. If your kids are in the age of studying, you can create the under part spot to into a study corner by adding a table and chair with proper lighting. Adding a book shelf is also important to store your kids’ school books and appliances. If your kids are in a playing age, you can juggle your under part of the loft bed into playing corner. Place your kids’ toys container, a carpet, some throw pillow into it, then your kids will have their own play ground in their bedroom. Moreover, if you create a loft bedroom because of limitation space reason, you can make the under part as your kids’ closet, even it can load so many clothes because you will have a wide space of it. You can use it to store your kids’ shoes also, or any other stuff. Those are some ideas of the loft bedroom that we can share to you, for the real illustration, check at this gallery out. Enjoy!

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Loft bedroom combination with workspace and white rugs

Loft bedroom combination with workspace

Loft bedroom with black and white blanket

Loft bedroom with black bed

Loft bedroom with blue and purple wall

Loft bedroom with blue dark floor

Loft bedroom with blue wall

Loft bedroom with brown wall and wooden floor

Loft bedroom with floral pillow

Loft bedroom with grey wall

Loft bedroom with in under study room

Loft bedroom with lighting and wooden table

Loft bedroom with pink wall

Loft bedroom with polka dot rugs

Loft bedroom with red curtain

Loft bedroom with red floor

Loft bedroom with shelves book

Loft bedroom with sofa and shelves wall

Loft bedroom with white table

Loft bedroom with white wall and 2 bed

Loft bedroom with white wall and shelves book

Loft bedroom with white wall

Loft bedroom with wooden floor

Loft bedroom with wooden roof

Loft bedroom with wooden table

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