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25 Amazing Interior Design Ideas For Modern Loft

Loft is an extra space that looks like a second floor, but it is not eligible enough to be said as the second floor. We can say that it is something unique and useful for a home that has limited of space, which is very popular in a city where commonly the building is on a narrow space that will be different with the village land availability. This design is usually adopted by those who want to save more space in their small home or apartment by taking advantage of the empty space under the roof. It looks just like an attic room where we can design for residential use. The use of this loft itself can be be in several ways. You can utilize it as a bedroom, study or working room, home library, or even living room.

For the design, basically there are some different kinds of it that will be depends on people’s characteristic. The masculine side will be suitable for you who lobe something cool and trendy with the interior design that will emphasize the masculinity of your modern loft. You can aplly the black or grey color as the dominant in this design. If you love something bright and need a wider impression, sleek white is your best choice. White is mostly used to make a tiny space appears larger, so this color palette will be perfect for your tiny loft. The next one is woody loft. When you love the rustic feels offered by the country interior, you should be able to show it off in your modern loft as well. This design will surely bring out the warm and calm feeling in your modern city home. If you are really interested in loft design, we are here to give you some amazing interior design ideas for a modern loft to inspire you. Let’s take a look at the list below.

Wall Gallery for Stairs Decoration from decoor

Wooden Furniture Dining Room from lushome

Square Metal Lighting with Industrial Style from brenocunhapinto

Round Wire Coffee Table from besagm

Wood and Metal Industrial Kitchen from searchomee

Modern Black and White Modern Loft from vietanhouse

Faux Fur Rugs Living Room from dekorin

Floating Metal Rack Storage from decomg

Vintage Industrial Kitchen from omghomedecor

Indoor Evergreen Living Room from mooool

Dark Rustic Living Room Décor from onideal

Dark Wooden Floor from juliansadokha

Wall Mounted Rack Cabinet from decoratorist

Floating Wooden Stairs from joecatherine

Wooden Floor with Industrial Vibe from stunhome

Modern Loft with White Brick Walls from archdaily

Modern Loft with Beige Scheme from onideal

Wooden Beams Stairs from magzhouse

Industrial Living Room Design from notreloft

Glass Wall for Modern Loft Décor from joecatherine

Modern Lighting for Living Room Ideas from doitbeforeme

Dark Industrial Kitchen Style from fancyhomedecors

Masculine Interior Living Room from theultralinx

Suede Blue Sofa for Interior Modern Living Room from treszerosete

Sleek White Interior Modern Loft from futuristarchitecture

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