Oasis design ideas for desert landscape

11 Stunning Oasis Design Ideas For Your Desert Landscape

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Choosing a desert style for your landscape with oasis is a great idea. You are kind of antimainstream and quirky person if you really do that. Still, although people don’t think about it before, doesn’t meant that this idea is odd that people do not wish to bring that desert style into their yards. This oasis desert landscaping is a smart thought that will allow you to have a perfect summer ambience, enjoy the holiday, drink lemon, in your super unique yard design. The problem is that, you may confuse on how to bring the desert ambience into your yard, and this page is the right destination that you’ve made.

There are some things that you need to do in creating the oasis into your desert landscaping. The first thing is considering the tree selection and placement. One well-placed tree or two can make a significant impact on the air in the summer, try to plant the trees in the landscape near the southwest and southeast corners of the house. After the tree placement, you can move to the next visual layer that is shrubs. Shrubs in the desert can be anywhere from one to six feet tall, so that you don’t need to be worry for the arrangement, just make sure that the shrubs don’t disturb the other plant growth. The final layer is the groundcovers that will fill in the blanks of your landscaping. You can round out the landscape with a trailing rosemary, a tufted evening primrose, or a striking ice plant. Moreover, cacti and succulents are also great for filling in the open areas for you landscape and also possible to provide wildlife habitat. Get more information on plant options and designs for your desert landscape on the pictures below. Have fun!

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