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11 Creative DIY String Art Project Ideas To Inspire You

Nowadays, strings can be used as unique and beautiful artwork. In fact, the string art is simple, with just a few rolls of string and tools such as scissors and nails we can make good, interesting and also have high selling power art works. String art is the art of forming images or writings that use string as the main ingredient. The string used can be various, such as sewing, wool or other according to your wants. These strings are connected to each other in to form an ornament of an image or writing. The shape is unique and the process of making is not too complicated to make this one of the favorite craft of many people. With a creativity and perseverance, you can make decorative string art at home as a decoration or sold to others.

Making string art is quite easy. Before starting, you have to prepare the necessary tools, including plywood as a board, string, nails, paint, paint brush, scissors, scotch tape, and hammer. First, paint the board that you will use to make string art. Next, draw a pattern on a wooden board, for example an animal pattern image. Then plug the nail along the pattern line every 1 centimeter. The next process is to wrap the string around the nail just once and move it to the next nail to make an outline on the pattern. Doing this step until the end of patterns and it has been formed. After that, wrap the string around the nails randomly to fill the space. When it’s finished, double the string knot on the last nail of the pattern. Cut the excess string. If you want a more colorful and cheerful impression, you can use brightly colored string. Below are some examples of string art for your inspiration. Good luck. Enjoy!

Amazing diy string art

Animals string art design

Creative diy string art ideas

Diy string art ideas

Diy string art projects

Faith with a cross string art

Inspiring string art projects ideas

String art design for loundry room

String art design

Unicorn string art design

Wall art bedroom pictures flower11

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