Living room with painting walls

12 DIY Wall Painting Ideas To Refresh Your Home

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Home isn’t only where we live or where we grew up. But starting from home, the story of our life journey begins and at home we will find our story later. Home is the most comfortable place that you live in every day. So, don’t let your home feel boring because of the monotonous look. In this modern era, there are many ways that can be used to decorate the appearance of a home into a better and more pleasant place. Actually everyone can do it alone, but if you don’t want it, there are many wall painting services that are available everywhere.

Wall painting is getting famous, many people make wall painting with the theme according to them want. Wall painting is a media for expressing the want, creativity and imagination of the people. Before starting to make a wall painting, you must pay attention for a number of things such as preparing tools, choosing the concepts, choosing colors, and preparing walls to be clean so ready for wall painting. As a means of devoting non-verbal aspirations, coloring wall painting materials can be in the form of wall paint, wood paint, spray paint, chalk, to color pencils. When making it, you have to use quality paint so the result is good. Because if the paint has a low quality that will affect the results, it will not last and the scratches are not good. If you draw on the wall using spray paint (graffiti), make sure you use the right technique when spraying it according to the line or shape that you want to make. Spray from a long distance to produce a color or line that is bigger or wider, while for smaller lines you have to spray it with a fairly close distance. And the last, Use a mask, because health is the most important thing for someone. Whatever the theme of the wall painting that you choose as part of the element of the home, make sure you have thought long time to choose the theme, color, and the most comfortable material for you and your family. We provide several images related to wall painting below. Hopefully be your inspiration. Good Luck!

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