French country design is known by its classic and luxurious design. It is commonly loved by the rich people who adore something shining and sparkling. This style may seems easy to be applied in your guest room, living room, and bedroom, but it is quite tricky to be applied into your kitchen while you realize that there’s nothing special with kitchen appliance that makes you think that it is worthy to be given the french country touch. Open your eyes and start to refresh your mind to get a better understanding of this kitchen style would be.

The very first step in decorating your gorgeous French country kitchen is by choosing the color scheme, here you have to pick the warm and subtle colors such as tans, creams and soft yellows to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Look for the furniture with flowing line since French country furniture boasts a variety of sophisticated and flowing lines to add plenty of visual interest in addition to its function. Here, you can pick the kitchen cabinet or the kitchen island table and chairs based on that consideration. Moreover, when it comes to select flooring, furniture or even architectural elements like decorative wooden beams, choose finishes that are a bit distressed, or imperfect around the edges. You may also need to go shopping at secondhand stores or investing in vintage items to really cement that sense of history. We wish you really get the idea of this French country kitchen decoration, please look at our gallery below to add your comprehension of it. Enjoy!

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