13 DIY Easter Decorations to Welcome Spring

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Before Easter arrived, Christians needed to prepare many things, as well as home decorations made by themselves. Decorating your own home is sometimes not as good as buying directly from a knock-knack shop. But decorating your own home with the results of your own creativity will be more enjoyable. Especially for you lovers of beauty. The trick, choose simple decorations that don’t take much time. It’s so simple, this Easter day decoration you can make yourself and will be more cost effective. Easter which is a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection is synonymous with spring celebrations in the ancient culture of the West. Because it is widely used symbol of rabbits and eggs. there are some simple decorating ideas to greet Easter.

Decorate empty walls with a cute set of rabbit shapes from pastel colored paper. Let it be cute, add the white pompom as the rabbit’s tail. Decorate the candelabra with Styrofoam eggs covered in colorful beads. When exposed to glowing candles, these beads will glow beautifully. Need table decorations? Stick the colorful egg buttons. Also vary the models and sizes of buttons. The 3-dimensional button texture makes this decoration more alive. Arrange circle shapes and decorate with colorful flowers and eggs. Display at the entrance. Easter is identical with spring. Create a centerpiece from the pots of seedlings of grass seedlings. Decorate with artificial eggs tucked between them. Instead of the usual flower arrangements, place a branch in a vase or pot. Hang a few eggs on the branches. Colorful eggs for Easter, it’s normal. This time, try decorating the eggs with glitter. Change the centerpiece, which is usually a flower arrangement, with a basket of eggs. Cover with grass and add small birds to strengthen the Easter theme.

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