Spring wreaths with magnolias

10 DIY Spring Wreaths to Freshen Up Your Front Door

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Spring is coming! It’s time to deal with some beauty of the blooming flowers. It will be so much fun to do some decoration with the flowers, foliage, and seeds to beaurify your home and strengthen the spring ambience at the same time. Beside for the table ornament in a vase or arranged to be a bouquet, flowers can be very gorgeous in a wreath form. You can hang the wreath on your front door as a welcoming for your guests or even on your bedroom and bathroom door to add the loveliness look on your doors.

There are some wreath ideas that we will mention for your inspiration, the first pretty one is watering can wreath that might be the easiest way to freshen up your spring decor. You can simply place blooms in the can, loop wire around the handle, and hang on the door. Piggin bucket wreath will be a pretty pail bursting with the colorful blooms. For this wreath, make sure that you pad your bucket with paper towels before putting in floral foam, flowers, and hanging it up. For a farmhouse look, wall rattan basket wreath is perfect, you can add some decoration on the basket like brown craft paper, then place your flowers on it. Here is another rustic spring wreath, use wagon wheel to create a quirky wreath, twist it with any flowers and add foliage into the wheel then hang it. If you have an ubused hula hoop, it also can be utilized as a wreath and do the same twist with the wheel. Or, if you love some greenary, you can use eucalyptus to create your spring wreath. It wil be very simple yet awesome by its greenary. To give you some more inspiration, you can check out our gallery below. Hope you’ll love it!

Colorful basket door wreath with flowers
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Red peony wreath
Spring wreaths with magnolias
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