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54 DIY Wood Crate Shelves Projects to Calm the Clutter Effectively

Keeping the home clutter-free is an everyone’s dream. Most of people know that it is possible to live in a clutter-free environment, but some of it are don’t. So, the first step to living in a clutter-free home is to take heart and believe that having a clutter-free home is possible. Just find some hope and take one small step, then take another, and another, and another.

The most important step in keeping your home clutter-free is by removing the excessive possessions that are stealing our lives, time and energy; junk drawers full of unneeded items, closets full of clothes that no longer you wear, decorations that are no longer meaningful or outdated. Implement habits to manage your clutter and have some storage to keep your items. Talking about storage, wood crates are so versatile, beautiful and also useful that helps you storing and managing your items. So check out these 54 DIY wood crate shelves projects to calm the clutter effectively below to inspire you.

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