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48 On A Budget DIY Christmas Wreath To Deck Out Your Door

Whether you are enchanted with the traditional designs or a lush and leafy one, wreaths are an easy way to add holiday cheer to your space, especially to your entrance. You can buy it or if you are a DIY-lovers, all you have to do is just gather the right supplies, seasonal embellishments, and a large dose of holiday spirit to make a perfect wreath. When making your own wreath, be sure to always work in a clockwise direction, following the wreath’s branches that will help the wreath’s design to ‘flow’. First of all, start by adding foliage and natural leaves.

To tie your wreath to your door, use a natural hessian ribbon, and work with a strong floral wire to wrap around your decorations and insert into the wreath to hold in place. Keep your wreath natural by using natural ingredients that dry out evenly and have a great smells. You can also work with branches to give more of an organized feel to your design. Now check out these 48 on a budget DIY Christmas wreath to deck out your door below. Enjoy!

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