If decorating your Christmas tree is done, have you though about a wreath for Christmas? Let’s create a gorgeous Christmas wreath to add a festive look to your space with this step-by-step guide and 54 DIY Christmas wreath ideas to inspire you below. First of all, you need a wreath base; a wire ring or a fresh spruce wreath- then get some natural twine to bind everything to your base that holds much longer than glue. Pick the theme to decide how you will decorate your wreath; traditional look, modern look, etc.

To build your wreath, attach the stems to the base using lightweight floral wire, overlap it as you go to avoid gaps and keep adding it until the wreath base is fully covered. Next, wrap some twine around the stems and tie, cutting away any extra string (if you need to). If it’s done, add the Christmas decorations; loop to baubles and other personal touches- then tie them on to your wreath. The last but not least, wrap up the wreath by tie pieces of ribbon to it to add some extra texture or add some raffia if you want to stick with a garden theme.

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