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55 DIY Glass Ornament Projects to Try ASAP

If you want to rework your clear glass ornaments into something worthwhile for your Christmas decor, you don’t need to be a DIY expert. All you need to do is grab some craft glue, purchase an ornaments or two, or more and pick from some of clear glass ornament ideas. For example, you can fill your clear glass bulb with greenery and an elegant ribbon tie to hang it on the Christmas tree. Or you can also crafting a mini terrarium with clear glass ornaments; an air plants with some elements like sticks and evergreen branches for a simpler, more festive look.

Gather a mini funnel, some glitter and acrylic paint to make a galaxy glass ornament projects. Or try to perch some love birds on a branch that is inspired by a ship in a bottle. All you need is only a little patience and a pair of tweezers; map out the type of scene you want to create outside of your ornament first, then using your pliers and some tacky glue, slowly drop your elements into place. If you need more inspiration, check out these 55 DIY glass ornament projects to try below. Enjoy!

DIY Christmas Ornament from decoredo

Snowflake Glass Ornaments from womansworld

Greenery and Pinecones Glass Ornaments from ecstasycoffee

Jingle Bell Glass Ornament from thehappyhousie

Sheet Music Glass Ball from ideastand

Monogram Glass Ornament Ideas

Mercury Glass Ornaments from comoorganizarlacasa

Crystal and Ribbons Glass Ornament from events.snydle

DIY Painted Glass Ball from homelisty

Pearls Glass Ball from ecstasycoffee

DIY Copper Glass Ornaments from mydearirene

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments from shkolabuduschego

Gold Monogram for Glass Ball Ideas

White Feathers for Glass Ball from hometalk

Red and Green Glass Ornament

Hand Painted Snowman Ball

Painting Sandal for Glass Ornament

Silver Mercury Glass Ball from thecsiproject

DIY Snoopy Glass Ornament

Red Glitter Glass Ornament from thefrugalgirls

Ribbons Glass Ball Ornament

DIY Glass Ball with Crystal Ornaments from trendhunter

Beach Coastal Glass Ball from originalcynjewelry

Sea Glass Ball Ornament

Blue Glass Ball Ornament

Glittered Tree Ornament from blurmark

Colorful Glass Ornament from instructables

Red Maroon Glass Ball

Snow Glass Ball Ornament

Burlap Glass Ball Ornament from trendecors

Round Paper Glass Ball from hgtv

Snow Melting for Glass Ornament from

Glitter Galaxy Glass Ornament from meetup

Transparent Glass Ball from arthearty

Origami Christmas Ornaments from heystyles

Beige Glass Ball Ideas

Animals Painted Glass Ornament from vanchitecture

Brush and Snow Glass Ornament from theornamentgirl

Tree and Snow Painted Glass Ball

White Pearls Glass Ornament from theornamentgirl

Melted Crayon Glass Ornament from cutediyprojects

DIY Crystal Glass Ornament from prohandmade

Smoking Glass Ball Ornament from designeddecor

Beach Christmas Glass Ornament from homishome

Glittered Green Glass Ball Ornament

DIY Cartoon Glass Ornament

White Snowflake Glass Ornament

DIY Seashell Glass Ornament from mydesiredhome

Snowflake Ribbons for Glass Ornament from vivadecora

DIY Painting Glass Ornament from stylowi

Paper Inside Glass Ornament from lacelebracion

DIY Children Art for Glass Ornament from alphamom

DIY Character Glass Ornament

Greenery Glass Ornament from architecturesideas

Vinyl Christmas Glass Ornament

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