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53 Coolest Small Pool Ideas For Your Home

Nowadays, swimming pools are a quintessential feature of the perfect backyard. And with improved pool technologies, the pool industry has never been busier. Can we have pool even if we only have small yard? Well, yes you can because the success of a great pool design is not measured in size, it comes back to the core fundamentals of good design, form and function.

When designing a small space with a pool consider the aesthetic, functional and compliance point of view. Small spaces are more challenging than the large one, so consider engaging a professional designer. Choose between fiberglass or concrete; fiberglass is cheaper, quicker to install, the spas seat are more comfortable, but often ‘off the shelf’, while concrete is more ‘freedom’.  If you still confuse and need some inspiration, check out these 53 coolest small pool ideas for your home below. Enjoy!

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